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    Why COD is better than most other FPS and why playing other games can make you think that it isn't

      Over the past couple of weekends, I decided to take a break from COD not because I was burnt out or anything but just because I already had accomplished pretty much everything that I wanted to in COD and I had a couple of other video games on the shelf that I wanted to play but hadn't yet.  Both were FPS single player games and truly both were well put together.  I enjoyed them but I beat them one per weekend.  Sure I could go back and replay them but when you think about it that's really a low value for my dollar compared to a COD game that I will play for a whole year.  Even with the Season Pass these games would cost a little more new (I bought them used) but at most they would only provide about a month (probably less) worth of gameplay and COD gives me 12 months every year for basically the same price.


      Delving further, the reason that COD gives me such a long replay value is partially due to the timed DLC releases but the other part of it is the fact that you are going up against actual people and you actually have to aim to kill them.  I know that people complain about the aim-assist in COD but the two single player FPSs that I played had lock on aim.  You could dance all over the place and never miss your target if you had to and on top of that other than the first time that you saw a target you never had to guess where they would come from, what load out would be the most effective against them or what they were going to do.  Everything was completely scripted.  Granted the script was well written but once you've seen it, the challenge was completely lost.  Despite being played on the same maps, COD always has the potential to surprise you simply because of the human element.  That pitting of wit versus wit is what keeps the game alive.


      Now to the other part of this post.  Why playing other games can make you forget that COD is the best.  We see a number of posts here on the forum from guys that played COD and left for X months and found the game to be unplayable upon their return.  Granted they weren't liking the game too well before they left but most of them were doing pretty well statswise.  I can tell you just from the two games that I've played recently when I came back to COD afterwards, I found a couple of issues.  Number one being that I was pushing the wrong buttons.  On one occasion I went to take off running but instead found myself holding an EMP grenade.  On another occasion I was just trying to pick a gun up off of the ground and after several failed attempts realized that I'm jumping.  The point is a simple mistake in COD will often get you killed but in the heat of the moment you might not realize that you caused your own death.


      The other issue that I have already mentioned is the difference in aiming mechanics between games.  Lock-on Aim versus Aim Assist and simple things like turning speed changes.  These two things especially in combination will wreck your COD aim.  It only takes a fraction of a second to die in COD.  So being off even a little in your timing will get you killed.  I played a couple of COD matches last night after finishing off one of those single player games that really drove this home.  Both were TDM.  In the first match I had some pretty good teamates and we controlled the map.  So I had time to line up my shots.  I believe that I finished 12-3.  In the next match, I ended up on the other team.  This time my team wasn't controlling the map and every engagement that I found myself in was rushed.  I actually started 0-5 before I got my first kill.  After that I made a few adjustments and finished the match 12-13 but what was killing me early on was my aim.


      Now considering that my time away was only for a weekend at a time, just think how much worse off someone would be if they were away for weeks or months at a time.  For those not willing to admit to their own faults, it would seem that the game has gotten so much worse when in reality it is their own performance that has dropped off.  For those that have worked their way up to playing at a high level, it's no secret that the difference between the guy that's struggling and the guy that is dominating the room isn't always that much.  Often it comes down to who makes the fewer mental mistakes and playing other games will introduce mental mistakes into your gameplay.  Not that you shouldn't ever play other games but you need to realize that once you do there is going to be a learning curve in COD just to get back to where you were before you left.