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        80. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

        Just my personal opinion here, but if you got the Wii U version of Ghosts, you'd be less likely to see a ton of people harassing you for being a girl gamer.

        My time in Miiverse and on Black Ops 2 has shown me that the community is a much more user-friendly place.

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          81. Re: I Decided NOT to get ghosts

          Hi Queen.


          It saddens me to read this, but also lifts me to see you standing up to it.

          Having played every Call of Duty title on the Wii with Team MP, I have witnessed a ridiculous amount of sexist behaviour towards the female members of our parents clan.

          And it just goes to show what kind of world we are bringing our kids into. One with no respect.

          Just because they can hide behind a faceless mic, they think they can say what they like.

          Would they say it to their own mothers? Probably yes, because that is the way they have been bought up!

          Immature, spoilt narrow-minded idiots who have no place in society.

          In my opinion they should be forced to serve along side women in the Armed Forces and learn true respect.

          I have female friends serving in Afghanistan, and they epitomise true equality and understanding.

          The developers should take a stand against this, as it is as bad as all other discrimination.


          I hope things change for the better, and it would be an honour to game with Queen and all other Mamas, Sisters, Aunts, Granny's and more!


          On a side note, I'm still on the fence about Ghosts.

          Dedicated servers is a bonus, lack of DLC is a big gripe. But I do love playing CoD on my trusty zapper!


          Women of the World, Game on...

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            82. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

            Hello and thank you Major Stains!


            It means a lot to me to have the MP clan taking a stand for what is right. We'll see how all this plays out, but I am sure that it will go down the road that we all fear. Things will only get worse especially since there is no security prodecudre for the WiiU version and barely any kind of attention is given to the Nintendo console at all.


            But like I said in the video, I will still play World at War through Black Ops 2 and I will still game with any and all of my friends. I am really looking forward to other online multiplayer games that will be released soon to the WiiU.

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              83. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

              Grow thicker skin.


              I get called names too, but all they are, are words. You can always mute them as well.

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                84. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

                Hey Queen, OFC Pauly here, first, cool video, good to put a voice to a name, you sound so much like my ol gaming partner from the states OFC Lola. Just wanted to ask, what do you think of woman gamers who use emblems that show their rear wearing a thong with a pistol strapped to their thigh? as I have an Italian female gamer in my friends list with such an emblem. And, would you report them for having that emblem if the reporting system actually worked?

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                  85. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)
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                    86. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

                    I for one have found myself in several games with Elite Queen, and the gal's got game!


                    Sad that clowns are preventing you from having a good time, but I would overall say that Treyarch basically left BO2 for dead and it turned into a dumpster fire rather quickly. Boosters were hardly checked (some even brave enough to ASK to be reported and nothing happened). You'd think with such a small online presence for the WiiU they'd be better at patrolling and managing cheaters/racists/bigots/homophobes/sexists.


                    Hope to see you online! I sold BO2 and going all in on Ghosts.



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                      87. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

                      well most of the COD community is full of 12 year olds who make sexist jokes and actually mean them, i got to say cod has always had a bad community they really need to make a rule that you have to be 16 or have a parent with you to buy a headset

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                        88. Re: I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

                        I'm sorry, I have to lock this thread.  Just the hypothetical situations being thought up are imflammatory.


                        I'm sorry parts of the community are immature.  I'm happy to see military women being represented in a game, but I understand the concern.  Still, this thread has made it's point.

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