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    Holy knee-jerk reactions Batman!


      This game hasn't even been out a full day and look at all these threads, it depresses me how many of my fellow gamers can be so impatient and ignorant, especially PC gamers! The game has been out less than 24 hours for most of us and there are already some of you swearing off the game entirely? Do you not see the absurdity of that? Hell there hasn't even been a damned patch released yet. Graphics drivers haven't been updated for the game yet, the servers are always most laggy on release, and so on. Hell reading some of these threads I honestly think some of you are playing a totally different game than I am.


      Are there issues? Sure, but that's normal these days and they will get sorted out quickly, most likely. Everyone needs to try and be more reasonable and realistic about the situation. Oh well, Outside or some screen tearing and artifacts, I'm loving the game. It's unfortunate some of you seemingly never gave it a chance

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          You must have got lucky - do you not get the game breaking FPS drops? Motion sickness from the FoV? Blood Pressure spikes from the lag?


          You must be one cool cucumber..

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              I get some FPS drops here and there, but they're far from game breaking for me. I just lowered my settings from extra/max down a bit and aside from the first 10 seconds of a match I get almost no drops. There is already a fix for the FOV, it didn't give me motion sickness but it did give me a headache(not an issue anymore). Lag happens, just something you gotta accept.

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              I'm with you MrAdaptability.  Give them a chance to fix issues, that's the point of patching.

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                  Glad to see there are still some reasonable players on the forums, granted most are probably playing Ghosts, I logged about 7 hours into it myself

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                      Anyone thinking a game is going to be 100% right from the start is a fool. There will always be the issue of bugs etc on the PC platform because we all have such different hardware configurations. Many of us have similar PC's but probably none identical unless store bought and already put together. There are so many manufacturers of mobo, video, etc we just cannot escape this/these issue/s. PC games have been being patched since the damn 80's people, get used to it!


                      As long as the DEVS show they are actively addressing the issues and rolling out regular patches I'm cool with it and I feel they are reasonable at that point. However, if they take 3-6 moths to roll out patches that in my book is NOT reasonable and it's also a great way to kill a game.


                      Hopefully they roll out smaller more frequent patches.

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                          How did they patch games in the 80's? You clearly don't know what you are on about.

                          Ive been gaming since chucky Egg on the BBC and the Atari 2600.

                          I've had atart ST's, spectrums, Amigas ,C64, NES, SNES, N64 etc. None of those games needed patches, they worked straight off the bat.

                          They were quality assured and tested. It's laziness and bad practice to release a broken game.

                          we are just beta testers for the next gen consoles.

                          THe game has fundamental design flaws that should have never made it out of the gate.

                          heads need to roll for this.

                          Maybe if activision paid the royalties to the talent behind the original COD games there wouldn't be this cluster **** of the 'ghost' of cod games gone by.

                          They should have called it Call of Dogs 'coffin'


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                        What?  Do gamers really accept this sort of thing today?  If I buy a game, I expect there to have been some public testing to find these sort of things and get them fixed or acknowledged before a game releases.  Otherwise what's the point of pre-ordering a game that is going to be unplayable for a certain number of people?

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                        A Canadian

                        The game is a piece of crap and you know it. That or you've never played a previous CoD and didn't know what to expect. MP Graphics and sound are absolute s**t. It's a TERRIBLE console port. The game isn't done and needs at least a few months to be up to par with previous CoDs. No early reviews for PC - hmmm wonder why? IW talked up the PC version of the game to sell it, that's all. Because it's a horrible game and huge disappointment. 3/10 from me. I hope IW are all fired because of this, and their previous lying to PC players.


                        Back to Black Ops 2 and BF4 for me.

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                            I have played every COD game since MW1, so I have a bit of experience with releases. IDK what game you're playing but it looks beautiful, Somewhere in between BF3 and Crysis 3 on high/maxed out settings. I think the sound quality is just fine, I have no trouble pinpointing where an enemies footsteps are coming from, the guns sound nice for the most part as well, better than any other COD weapon sounds. Not once while playing did I feel like I was playing a console port, a lot of PC gamers just like to scream console port about any game they don't like, regardless of if it's accurate or not.


                            If by early you mean before release, none of the platform's versions got reviewed by reliable sources until after 12am PST. Its part of the reviewers agreement with IW/Activision.


                            For me the game in it's current state is about a 7/10.That being said, it has the potential to be my favorite COD game, it just needs some of it's issues sorted out.

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                            Did they not think "Call of Duty 4 is still one of the most played PC games to this day, maybe we did something right by including PC support?" Have any of the IW decision makers or devs EVER even played CoD on the PC? I'm still in shock that this has happened

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                              I'm still naively willing to give them a chance to patch it etc. but past experiences tell me otherwise. I am just one of those that believes, why allow them to get away with such poor support for so long, if we were all like you and just kept saying "its ok they will fix these minor issues", then they have already won. Things will never change and the production line will simply continue to get worse instead of better, make some noise in numbers to stop these atrocities

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                                I cant even start me game!

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                                  I'm running a three year old i7 rig with 6gb(ya just enough) ram, and a ati 6850 1gb card.  Besides the pearl harbor job on the huge extra download after midnight from STEAM, I've had no real issues.  Ya, graphics aren't all slid to max but looks just fine to me.

                                  I kinds feel a slightly older rig is better sometimes.  LOL.  Multiple generations of drivers and product support to work with.


                                  Quite happy with it overall for now, but I always work with a mindset of "expect issues" when you try to play at launch.


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                                    The fact of the matter is i can assure u that on consoles, they probably aren't having as many problems as the pc version always does, ( should i remind you when Black Ops 1 released, and it was unplayable for everyone for almost 3 weeks before they patched it) And being someone who has bought every CoD released since Call of Duty 2.. I would expect them to have their launches in order by now.. I;ve seen the game go from great, to decent, to crap.. It;s not about the community or playing a solid polished great game anymore.. its about how many copies they can sell, bottomline. I just hope Titanfall takes the FPS crown as soon as possible. there really isn't any other game competing with CoD..

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                                      I don't think most of the angry people would really trash the game already, after all they already paid for it (and you can't give it back anyway )  and I'm sure they'll give it a try again. These guys just want to express their anger.


                                      And tbh, I'm one of those guys. I'm definetly playing this game again (I would play it right now if the servers would work -.-), but the first impression I got from this game is rather negative. I'm not even talking about any balance or gameplay-issues, but about the entirely non-existing PC support: No FoV-slider, although people where talking about it for months (actually years), no Ping-indicator, no Framerate options, and non-working Elite-page for PC.


                                      The game itself is ok. It certainly beats MW3 simply by running on dedicated servers, but so far I haven't seen anything that makes this game even remotely the 'best' CoD, not even if you exclude CoD1-5. And the above mentioned things don't make me any happier.


                                      Oh well, we'll see how long it lasts in the next few weeks or hopefully months.

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                                        I'm happy with the game overall, well worth the £30 I spent on it.


                                        I'm only disappointed with the laggy-ness of some of the multiplayer matches I've had so far, but kinda expected it this close to launch.

                                        Hopefully, that will improve - time will tell.

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                                          Listen I'm a programmer (SQL/PHP) and there are indeed 'fixes' that can be done -- to a point, I say to a point because some programs (projects) get so spider-webbed with flaws that you often just start from scratch and take the parts that work.


                                          Being a realist and knowing that the PC represents about 1/25th of sales and the push for Consoles I'm highly suspicious that the game will ever be correctly 'fixed.' Listen I have a PC that's an easy 3X above minimum specs and the problems sure aren't 'video driver' related, it's painfully clear that the code at best is half ass done and worst rushed with mind-numbingly poor QA. For crap sake there are a ton of missing and half-cocked components (Ping, Steam linking, Scoreboards) not to mention mechanical issues (Menu, Stuttering, Lag Comp, Fatal Errors, etc).


                                          I pre-ordered an Xbox copy and perhaps tonight I'll give it a try.


                                          Most PC gamer's don't even know where to begin in listing the problems with the PC version of Ghosts. Those that I know that have played the Campaign said it runs fine so maybe there's some hope.


                                          Again, the real problems are in the Game's (poor) Code.

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                                            Are you not disappointed that we live in an age where we can't expect a complete game at launch?

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                                              Nice to see another poster that isn't acting like a complete and utter ass.

                                              All these people just ********. NOT one of them has posted an adult thread that expains issue in detail with a DXDiag  or post system specs with OS and driver details.

                                              All there has been is people whining like a child and threats of class action suits just the most idiotic unhelpful threads i've ever seen in a PC community.

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                                                  Are you even playing the same game and on a PC?? Listen in comparison B02 is/was 'flawless' to that of Ghosts failed attempt.


                                                  The vast majority, are fuming and frothing at the mouth at Ghosts for valid reasons. To really get their motor running many people spent a lot of money in anticipation of Ghosts for new and upgraded equipment (RAM, GPU's, etc) for 'this' feeble attempt of a game?!


                                                  Frankly it's crossed my mind that the PC version is running an emulator v/s native code the game is so bad.


                                                  The 'unhelpful' threads are simply because people don't even know on where to begin on how to list crap wrong with this game.

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                                                      Yes, I am playing Call Of Duty Ghosts PC and I actually did install Black Ops 2 to play one after the other.
                                                      Ghosts looks and plays great for me. If it didn't I would be posting here with as much detail as possible regarding the crash along with a DX-Diagnostic w/OS Version and full hardware specs with driver info listed. I would not be posting rants that help absolutely no one.


                                                      If I didn't have 6gb of memory i'd then use the Ramfix until IW responded to the issue. And post the error I recieved or info it generated.


                                                      Have you read some of these threads?

                                                      I've seen Why isn't DX10 hardware working?

                                                      I want my money back it doesn't support x86

                                                      My old 4 core AMD w/ Geforce 660 is laggy when I have it set on High detail. Black Ops 2 I played maxed no problem!

                                                      Then the people that say it doesn't look any better than Black Ops 2 but my 5yr old PC can run BO2 maxed. In complete denial that their PC isn't going to play the new generation of games well.

                                                      And then all the different threads that complain but offer absolutely no details or hardware info completely useless unhelpful threads.

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                                                          Then you need to play some more. This is perhaps the worst CoD launch ever. The vast majority of my Clan have run across the same problems, and I've tried every working playlist, game type and mode. Example I tried Squads and I've been wall banged through: Buses, Train Cars, Walls and derp even two Tractors by the AI -- pff Core is easier. Menu freezing, Lock-ups, Stuttering, Frame drops, Lag Comp/Spikes, and a list of Holly Crap this game is half-baked and unfinished laundry list.


                                                          My PC specs are beyond fine (6-core LGA 2011, SLI GTX 770's (SLI; tried on/off), 32GB of RAM) - CPU-Z Validator 4.0

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                                                              I'm not saying people aren't having issues. All i'm saying is it's only 1 day after release. Post info that helps not just ***** & complain .


                                                              I know none has responded to anything but honestly after going over these posts would you want to?

                                                              The way people are behaving on here there isn't anything anyone at IW could say that wouldn't end up with some ignorant ass making a rude unhelpful comment.

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                                                                  Okay - 1. Fire the entire QA PC department (boot them all out now), 2. Rewite the Game code (starting with the engine and then finish/fix the UI). Oh yeah find some artists that aren't color blind. Now if I simply stand still the game works.

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                                                                      It's the mouse lag and weird mouse acceleration issues that is one of the main issues.

                                                                      THe crashing and performance issues will get better with updates but that is not the point.

                                                                      GRaphically COD has never been at the top of its game but with the minimum system requirements we expected a lot more than this.

                                                                      NO field of view options are unacceptable. someone makes a fix and activision make them take it down by threatening legal action!?! They don't seem to do that for the hack websites selling cheats!

                                                                      The crashing and stutters are unacceptable. Don't infinity ward have a quality assurance team? How is this even possible?

                                                                      the worst thing is the silence from infinity ward. Are they addressing the issues? Do they even know about them?

                                                                      activsion doesn't mind boasting about how much money they have made....

                                                                      Call Of Duty: Ghosts Tops $1bn On First Day

                                                                      maybe they are too busy counting the $1 billion they made in the first day.

                                                                      think about it $1 billion and they can't even make a working dedicated PC version.

                                                                      NVidias website boastd about how engineers are working at infinity ward to bring the best features blah blah blah.

                                                                      SLI doesn't work (flickering textures and guns etc) AA makes the game looked washed out, massive fps drops with an nvida Titan. Did they just pop in for an hour on a Friday afternoon?

                                                                      where are the dedicated servers? What about 3D vision?

                                                                      My last point is the sound. Over compressed audio with no dynamic range, brickwall limited TV optimised disgrace.

                                                                      The 5.1 mix is wrong. The LFE sub channel is just from the main left and right speakers. Not even used a high pass on it.

                                                                      You can't work out where enemies are coming from and the volumes are all off.

                                                                      Why can't we not read posts except from the first page on the forums and why does it not work properly posting on a mobile device?

                                                                      we want, need and deserve answers from infinity/activision as it's out of line the way they are treating their customers.