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    Time to Remember those whom answered the Call of Duty

      As some of you may or may not know, this time of the year is marked in the calendar in many parts of the world, not because of the launch of another computer game.

      But to mark a much more poignant occasion.


      This Sunday, 10th November is known as Armistice Day, or Remembrance Sunday.

      It  is a time to honour and remember all of the brave men and women around the globe, who have stepped up and answered the Call of Duty, and fearlessly went on to serve their Country.


      Just for one day, try to forget all of your 'New World Problems', like "this game isn't 60fps" or "why can't I get true 1080p" and "how dare they not give us DLC". I'm as guilty as the next gamer, to come on here and have a good moan about something that is inconceivably immaterial and inane.

      So for one day, even just one minute. Take a moment to remember all of the Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, and Daughters who have served and are currently serving their Country.

      To give us these basic freedoms which we take for grated on a daily basis.


      Thank you for reading.


      Remember Me
      (The voice of the dead)

      Remember me
      Duty called and I went to war
      Though I'd never fired a gun before
      I paid the price for your new day
      As all my dreams were blown away

      Remember me
      We all stood true as whistles blew
      And faced the shell and stench of Hell
      Now battle's done, there is no sound
      Our bones decay beneath the ground
      We cannot see, or smell, or hear
      There is no death, or hope or fear

      Remember me
      Once we, like you, would laugh and talk
      And run and walk and do the things that you all do
      But now we lie in rows so neat
      Beneath the soil, beneath your feet

      Remember me
      In mud and gore and the blood of war
      We fought and fell and move no more
      Remember me, I am not dead
      I'm just a voice within your head

      Harry Riley