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        150. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

        It is the same. I usually play all day on Wednesday and Thursday and also i do not live in America I live in Trinidad and Tobago will that be a problem? I will be on the Forum again around 5 pm i have a lecture now so i have to leave.

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          151. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

          I'm the leader of the PHOENIX FIRE clan on the PS3.  Of course, nowadays all clans are cross-platform but all of our members thus far are on the PS3.  We do have some members though in Russia, the UK, Australia and the Middle East.  I'm in the USA.  So I don't know if we would have much opportunity to play together but you are more than welcome to look me up sometime.  My gamertag is phxs72.  As far as the clan goes, I do have some room if you'd like to join it but don't think that is a requirement for my help.  I'm glad to offer advice regardless.


          PS: R-L-B-L is a really good guy and I don't think that you could go wrong with any clan that he would recommend either.

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            152. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

            the advice is not why i want to join its the fact that i want a clan experience that will be fun. because i joined KMB_GoG_ and they all treated me like crap because my K/D was 1.03 and my highest scorestreak was 1 orbital from a care package and just because i could not go 40 or more kills to single digit deaths i mean do those things define u as a good player, someone who does well and believes that because u are not them u are never going to be good well if so some one needs to message KMB_GoG_TERRY and kick his ass.

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              153. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

              Just for reference, my KD in BO2 was something around a 1.13 and yet I frequently brought those 40-1 guys down to earth.  Having a high KD doesn't make anyone a good CoD player.  It can help but there is a lot more that goes into it in my opinion.  Perhaps those guys were really good.  I wouldn't know not having played them but I suspect that you might have been better off not playing with them.  The trouble with playing with guys that are too good too soon is that they can take over a game and that unto itself limits your opportunities to learn and grow.  Regardless you should always look to play with people that are fun to be around and will treat you with respect.

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                154. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                when i first started playing i was being killed so much because they all just rushed the opponent and i ended up getting shot in the back all the time. so i developed the habit of just hiding for the entire match and just engaging anyone that was close to me. so i never got a high scorestreak before i am assuming only godly players can get anything over a stealth chopper.

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                  155. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                  It doesn't take godly players to get a Stealth Chopper but what you experienced is often what happens.  The other guys push in hard and you end up shot in the back all the time because they flipped the spawn on you.  My best advice for that situation is to always play towards the middle of the map but try to stay near your team.  Once they push into the enemy spawn you'll need to turn around and then you'll be on the front line of the action with your team coming in fast to back you up.

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                    156. Re: Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

                    Well I didn't think that I'd have anything to add to this thread this year because I didn't plan on going next gen until next year but I've made the switch.  The gameplay is on Warhawk using a Trinity/Helo Pilot/Loki combo.  It's not my most exciting Loki ever but it's still a decent lesson video on how to handle guys that like to post up and wait for you to come to them.  The beginning of the video is the tail end of the match before.  I didn't do so hot but I still lead my team.  It was the first time that I'd ever seen an enemy team literally post up on their side of the map in Strikezone.  It worked for them as it caught us all off guard.  We eventually routed them out but by then they had a solid lead.  The Warhawk video starts at 4:37 (I really need to learn how to use the trim feature) and the Loki run starts around 8:20.  The real lesson here is when you are going up against an enemy that is going to wait for you to come to them, you have to change your approach.  Running straight at them is exactly what they want you to do.  So for the first few minutes, you'll see me feeling them out.  Finding where they choose to post up and then taking routes to either get behind them or at the very least shorten the distance between us so that I can have as much advantage in the gun fight as possible.  You'll also note that once they went upstairs in force.  I didn't go there.  There's no sense running into a room with three guys staring at one doorway.  You aren't going to win that fight.  The best thing to do is use there strategies weakness against them and pick them off as they poke their heads out.  Then work your way around the map and pick them off again as they rush back to their buddies.  I think that the best thing for comparison here is the final score in the Strikezone match compared to the Warhawk match.  That's the difference between failing to stop an enemy team strategy and using it's weaknesses against them for the win.


                    Rick Bird - Warhawk Loki | Facebook


                    PS: To the PS4 guys, I've noticed an issue with the Loki controls if you are using the Default Flipped button setup to get your buttons to act like PS3 buttons.  The Loki button descriptions don't flip with your buttons.  So when you press R1 you end up getting the large rod instead of the juggernaut.  I've reported it to Activision but just in case you run into it, you'll know that you aren't crazy.

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