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    [PC] Khaos Krew - PC Gaming

      Khaos Krew - PC Gaming


      Khaos Krew



      Founded on April 11, 2010, Khaos Krew KK| is a multi-gaming PC clan for all 18 and over active gamers. We don't want BS, we just want to hang out and have fun. We are dedicated to keeping the servers clean and enjoyable for all. No hackers or cheaters are tolerated.


      We enjoy playing First Person Shooters (FPS), such as the Call of Duty Series, and we're always looking ahead at the next generation shooter to bring the clan together for hours of fun, jokes, and laughs.


      We like competition and are currently, and/or have been involved with, GameBattles and Team Warfare League. We have an active forum filled with discussions about topics we love such as gaming, gaming news, hardware, software, tech support, music, and much more.


      If you would like to know more, join us in the forums or find us in-game and we'll be happy to share.




      18 years of age or older

      Live in the USA / CANADA

      Must have a working Headset / Mic / Teamspeak 3

      Friendly and willing to learn

      Be active in clan / forums

      Mature Behavior

      No Hacking

      1.0 KDR

      Understanding of game modes


      What does Khaos Krew Offer?

      Full website / Forums

      User galleries

      User Awards

      Teamspeak 3 Server

      Social Media

      Friday Fight Nights

      In House Touraments with Prizes

      Leagues & Ladders


      Contact Us:

      Website: http://www.khaoskrew.com

      Steam: no_Amm0



      Got_Amm0 - Khaos Krew Owner