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    If you guys thought that camping was bad before.....

      Just wait until the general masses get on this weekend. With the size of the maps, poor spawning, and overall newness to the game, this is going to be the campiest COD yet.


      I can almost 100% GUARANTEE that all the "good" teams will develop a strategy as to go from corner to corner (given that there are about 1000000 in each map) and wait for people to spawn or walk by. Also now that the perk allows you to be hidden from sat coms, and another against oracles, it will only get worse.


      You would think that with the maps being 3x the size of the biggest maps in BO2, that there would be a safe way to spawn without getting killed directly upon spawning. Maps like Stonehaven with its 937 acres of playing surface and 50 buildings to get into will STILL spawn you in direct line of a waiting enemy. With it only being 6v6, I have literally ran the map TWICE and never saw or heard enemy gun fire. It took around a minute and a half too.