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    Customize appearance unlocks?


      Are they working?

      eg. Headgear - to unlock special forces cap you have to finish top3 10 times in FAF.


      It hasn't unlocked even tho I've done the achievement.

      Others like '120 kills with a hybrid sight', pretty sure I've done it as I bought the hybrid sight for all my weapons. But it doesn't show your progression so I have no idea.


      Has anyone unlocked any uniforms, headgear etc ?

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          Same for me.


          Maybe another player or dev could help us out on that one.

          Head and Uniform don't seem to be unlocking, even though the challenges are completed.


          Also, the 'Body Count' Uniform says it's Standard Issue but is locked.


          Any help is of course appreciated!

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            I think I've figured it out.


            It's a tier system like older COD challenges.


            eg. The special forces cap starts at 'Free For All Victor l' then goes to 'Free For All Victor ll'


            What number the tiers go to is anyones guess.

            Don't know if the kill challenges increase either, from 120 kills using ****, then to 350 etc.

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              You have to have the operation active in order to unlock it. Once you complete the operation it will level up. Then just get new operations until you get the one you want and it will be tier 2.

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                  This is correct, if you're looking to unlock something specific you'll have to keep renewing the 'operations' menu until it pops up in there... also keep in mind once you go into operations, you can select each one of the five different sections listed and hit the "A" button even though the game doesn't tell you that you can do this... there will be 50 different challenges every time you renew the operations.

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                  Yea hwhat he said you have to go to operations and select it ....youll know that youve selected it when you can click on operations and it shows the one you chose out of the 5 main catergories ....its so stupid how they didnt explain it to anyone ...I just spent hours getting 350 rapid fire kills only to find out that it didnt count, had to do it all over again i was so pisssed ...but yeah you just have to select it

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                    I'm 99.999999% sure you have to buy your last squad member to get it for 500 squad points.

                    If you look closely, the last squad member always wears the armor that body count is based of off

                    It also says standard issue so you unlock it automatically when you play, if you had to do clan wars it would say you unlock it in clan wars

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                      I have pretty much already given up on unlocking stuff with the exception of things that cost squad points.

                      Far too much trouble.

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                        It has to be active in operations. If it's not you have to get new challenges with squad points until it's active.

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                          For all unlocks you have to verify that the operation is currently active, you can refresh your active challenges in the operations page for 1 squad point then check again. The problem is when they released the game this was not implemented and when they DID implement it and operations went inactive it cut the counts to zero. I lost 200 of my 350 kills needed for the ghille suit this way -_-

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                            As a few others have mentioned, you have to have the operation "active" in order for the progress to count. Prior to a patch last week, it wasn't clear when looking at the equipment if you had that one active or not, but they've added that in and clarified exactly how many kills it takes to unlock certain items. My understanding is there is more in the works for clarifying things with operations.


                            Also to help out, you can cycle your operations to cherry pick ones that you either want to do, or are easy so you can gain squad points faster. We made a video about it that I've shared a couple times to help clarify things. Unfortunately these forums are rather cumbersome so it disappears into the nether.


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                              A bit of topic, but  do yall feel like you have to put in a little too much work to unlock some of the gear? When I'm trying to go for something I feel like I'm almost just trying to unlock them and not worry about how good I'm doing in the game.

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                                  I think the issue is people want/expect instant gratification. Long term goals keep things interesting. Figure any unlock is going to take a few days of regular play to get and you have something to look forward to.


                                  I mean, unless you REALLY want that uniform/camo/etc just kick back, relax, shoot mans and it will come. !