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      I have twin GTX460s in SLI and run the game no problem, but for some strange reason if I use the vector or Bizon just the top part of the gun (mostly the entire site top to bottom) literally flickers the entire time (oddly enough, the red dot in that site doesn't flicker). If I switch to the SC it is okay but the watch on my arm strobes like crazy.  It is excruciatingly distracting during gameplay.... There are also certain parts of the scenery that strobe as well although those are generally small and don't detract from gameplay....


      So far I have made many attempts to adjust video settings and high or low this or that doesn't make a difference.  Also, I have the latest Nvidia drivers from 10/28 so that's not the issue.  I have never seen this problem in any game in this series or others.

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