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    Why bother with different game modes, everyone plays like its TDM...

      Doesn't matter which of the very few Obj game types I play, 3/4 of these kids don't even bother to look at the objective, never mind actually go for it.


      The Black Ops 2 Score streak system is what made people actually move around in Non TDM modes.


      A tag goes towards your streaks, a flag cap goes towards your streaks, not having any of this gives no incentive for people to play the Objective.  People will just continue to sit around, not because the games new and they do not know the maps, because there's no reason for them to move.


      Not to mention, the Point Streak system let Rushers make an impact on the game.  With all these flanking routes, a BO2 style system would have worked great.


      I the quality of the game shows.  The only competitive game types aren't even in the game anymore.


      Rotating Objectives like HQ and Hardpoint force people to atleast move