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    Done with this **** easy upset fan boys don't read

      1. Insta deaths


      2. They heath system is a joke why even have a hardcore mode or different guns they all kill you in 2 bullets


      3. Because people was crying about small maps now with have massive maps with people corner camping playing lets watch the clock count down still no sure why every room needs 5 openings in the the walls and 4 windows


      4. The matchmaking is a joke nothings changed at all last game me from uk 1 from france 1 spain 2 from russia 1 from hungry and 2 from usa then lets hide the signal bars they won't know its lagging then


      5. killstreaks i myself have never really been a big fan of them but all you have now is **** load of dogs running around


      6. Carn't turn aim assist off love how it keeps taking my sights off the target


      7. Mute all except friends really should this be all but party and you guys are selling headsets


      8. Join party only by invite we carn't join each others party because it says its locked with no way of putting it on open