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    Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

      Lag – Was awful on MW3 barely noticeable on BO2. Its back again on Ghosts, in one instance I saw the edge of the guys head come round the corner, I opened up and he finished me with 2 or 3 bullets, the kill cam showed him in the middle of the corridor before I started firing! I bought it early in the day so at night it became worse. So is lag really just a server issue? Does distance from the server make a difference?


      Spawning  – Have they even tested the game? Its normally  easy for them to fix this so in time it shouldn’t be a problem.


      Quick scoping – I couldn’t wait for a call of duty game without quick scoping. I got quick scoped yesterday by the same player the kill cam didn’t even show him look down the scope when he killed me. My main gripe is that it’s just unfair advantage that the gun can be used effectively at close range when its meant for long range. It also seems like sniper shots are weighed in favour of any other gun I could be shooting the guy but the one quick scope kills me! I actually love sniper rifles but I use them as they are supposed to be used, hiding in a room far away from battle.


      Maps – They all look amazing but look like Downturn and since no one (at least in the UK) ever seemed to choose Downturn on MW3 then why create a maps that look like it!?

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          No lag on BO2? you must have one of those crap connections that was so bad nobody could kill you. BO2 was the worst lag out of all of the CODs EVER!!! Upgrade your net, this game is bearable with the lag, not as bad as MW3 and 100 times better than Black Ops.

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            No idea what you're talking about..the lag is nowhere as bad as BO2 was. It's def something on your end.

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              I had a few slow downs here and there, but nothing like constant Lag.It was usually only for a second or two and only happened to me twice in 5 hours.


              Spawns are predictable in most game modes. The only mode where it was crazy was cranked, but isn't that the point of that game mode?


              I did get quick scoped once. I shot at a snipe that was looking at the ground running, and somehow he killed me. Only happened once tho.


              I like the Maps, but as others have said, some are too big, and the game play is really slow on them. I had one game where I was running around for at least a minute without even seeing anyone.

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                Lag comp seemed pretty well balanced for me (but it was for the first few days of BOII too until they started patching things for the complainers and then I was a good second behind everyone else for the rest of the year).  MW3, my bullets were just "sponged". Sorry you're having issues now but for me I'd like it to stay just as it is.  In this game it's been 50/50, some insta-deaths, some good battles. Spawning could use some adjustments but I'm sure they'll do that shortly. QS - I've not personally been a victim of this (yet!) Maps - I'm happy with these, good balance of short and long range, more realistic but perhaps could use just a little touch on upgrading the colours (but not stupid bright maps like Rush.

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                  Quickscoping on this game is brilliant it is like black ops 1 in a way and what u said is not true i got my fair share of getting hammered with a shotguns and assualt rifles if ur complaining about Quickscoping then clearly ur to **** to do it accuracy and timing is skill not spraying with an assualt rifle a 5 year old can do that .More people buy this game for sniping that anything else so shut up complaining

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                    The lag was MUCH worse on BO2, This time if you have a lag problem and you didn't have any in BO2 it means that your connection has a HUGE latency overall... are you on satellite or  3g (or any other kind of connection with huge latency)?

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                        Diabolus_RJ wrote:


                        The lag was MUCH worse on BO2, This time if you have a lag problem and you didn't have any in BO2 it means that your connection has a HUGE latency overall... are you on satellite or  3g (or any other kind of connection with huge latency)?


                        Where exactly do people get the idea that if you are experiencing lag in this game but were not in some previous title the person in question has a good / bad connection ? You have no idea what you are talking about. It's obvious that in some cases the person who is having a bad experience actually has a poor connection, but for the most part the problems originate from poor matchmaking and they way the netcode works in situations where you playing in a lobby with people that are lagging.


                        Ghosts uses the same hybrid system with listen and dedicated servers that they tested in BO2, and as far i can tell by monitoring my connection while playing i'm connected to the same service providers dedis (Choopa) that they used in BO2 with less than 50ms of ping just like in BO2. And just like in BO2 (or in BO1, MW3 for that matter) i'm experiencing lag while playing on a decent connection.


                        The connectivity is a matter of personal experience and it's pretty stupid to assume it's the same for everyone else. IW's previous game MW3 was unplayable for me at launch and remained pretty bad up until they released the final matchmaking patch after BO2 had come out. MW3 still lags a lot though and the way it is running now is pretty similar how Ghosts is working for me, although this game does have better hit detection on average, but both have similar inconsistensies. BO2 worked pretty well for me when it launched as far as the connection goes (the system crashes / sound glitch were both regular), but all the patching actually made it worse for me.


                        I don't see the forums being flooded with lag complaints like they were in previous titles releases so maybe this game is working for the majority (or the majority fails to recognize the problems because for the most part the hit detection is good and you die fast regardless of being on a good connection), but unfortunately it does not work very well for me or for my friends who bought the game. It doesn't matter if we are playing solo or partied up, only a small portion of the matches work as they should and we are still being matched with people from all across Europe.

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                        You haft to be on drugs about LAG.I  beast every single game. The person with the best connection and guns skills wins the fight. Ive had ZERO host migrations,ZERO crashes, ZERO freezes. Ive lost 6 game.Who cares about quick scoping. If you can do it good for you cause I cant.Map are balanced lots of stories and corners not one head glitch hallway on every map.

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                          had very little lag except for one really bad game i had last nite that had 3 host migration in it the lag has been little and far between.


                          so maps are far to big for my liking specially with only 6v6 and the spawns have been ok except for freefall which are terrible


                          and cheapscoping well i gave up crying about that a few cod back its here and is never going to leave so we all have to deal with it

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                            The lag on BO2 was the worst ever.


                            I agree about the spawns. But it's COD, what do you expect?


                            As far as QS, it seems to be much harder to do. I've only been QS'd once since Tuesday.


                            I like the maps. I can't wait to play PS4 next week, the lobbies will be larger. So map size won't be an issue. 

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                              Do you understand what Quick scoping is? You can and should be able to shoot any gun from the hip and kill someone, if you are good enough to hip fire and hit them. Quick scoping simple used the auto aim feature of Core to assist a player who would quickly bring the scope up just to the point of the sweat spot where the auto aim disengaged. It was an exploit of the game which was allowed by developers for years because little kids got off on it. I don't play core much so I rarely see it. I hope it is gone.

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                                these maps are well designed works of art for battlefield but they are GENERALLY way too big with a little too much random space/clutter/rooftops/climb spots/ledges/windows e.t.c for the fast paced experience i was expecting in a CALL OF DUTY game. i run around for 3+ minutes constantly until some1 spawns right behind me for a free kill or picks me off from a overpowered climb spot that shouldnt even be in the game. this game really needs ground war and some FREE recylcled small to medium maps like dome, hardhat, arkaden, mission thrown into a playlist with some fast paced gamemodes like cranked, tdm, kill confirmed domination and blitz thrown in a ''fast paced'' moshpit playlist. Giving us a majority of the type of maps we as a majority DIDN'T VOTE FOR in past games was a very dumb move. nobody wants a cod game filled with maps that remind us of community hated ones like aftermath, drone, downturn e.t.c. i really cant believe that the great guys at infinity ward let these maps make it out of the studio so unnecessarily big and cluttered.

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                                  Sorry, but I'm with the OP with regards to lag.


                                  before you all start bleating that it must be my connection..... You're wrong! I'm running at 120mb down, 35mb up with a Ping from Yorkshire to Paris under 25ms.


                                  i Bought the game at midnight release & had a couple of hours, it was silky smooth. Tuesday evening I had a couple of minor jumps. Wednesday same. Today.... Unplayable, MW3 style dire lag.


                                  I've just seen myself stutter & jump all over, I was halfway down a corridor on octane, before being jumped back to outside the building trying to run into a wall.


                                  BO2 was bad for wanted bullets & hit detection on core, but this is appalling. Mw3 did this terrible jumping.


                                  I'm hoping this is a one off