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    well its official..


      i suck at this game..haha, from bo2 being my first real FPS and playing a little MW3 the map sizes and playstyle has completely knocked me, but i have to say i like the challenge,but has anyone got any tips that could help me in this game to hopefully start going pos rather than 15/25 all the time

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          ya bo2 was my 1st game too, all i can say is learn the maps and (this is gunna sound bad but its true) rush less pick ur encounter dont run into them like u can in bo2 this games hit detection wont let u eat bullets like bo2

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            This may sound silly, but have you got elite? There are some very good informative videos, the noob to vet series, and although it's about BO2, there are very good strategies and advice. A good tip is to always keep in mind where your teammates are, stay with them, or behind them (lol) and if u see them go down you are prepared for the encounter. I must say people are flanking me quite easily at the mo, but I thnk it's because I am used to the edges of the map being behind me, but these maps are bigger and I forget it, try keeping the edge of the map close to you and it's one less direction to think about

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              Perks!!!!! Perks!!!!!! Learn and understand your Perks. try them out in a private match. This will help you to perfect your game.

              MY set-up is
              Ready, Stalker, Dead Silence, Incog, Off the Grid and Awareness.

              I use one attachment on my honey badger like scope with duel red dot and zoom.

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                -Crouch and/or ADS around corners.


                -Stay against walls or edges of the map. (do not run in the open)


                -Pay attention to where your team is on the map. 


                -Look up when climbing inclines or stairs, and down when descending (Can't tell you how many times i was killed on stairs/inclines)


                -crouch at the top of inclines/stairs and look around before running out.


                -Quickly peek out windows and openings.

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                  happy days il have to have a look at my load out and experiment with some bots, I know when i unlocked honeybadger last night i started playin 10x better instantly, and was using the support streak as collecting kills without dyeing was quite improbable but hopefully taking all the advice on board i get my self up to speed and start being more than just a moving target