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    Clan issues already looking for answers

      So far when playing with clan members that I auto transferred from my elite clan it has counted towards leveling up the clan. I sent clan invites to members of my elite clan that I did not transfer over and when they try to accept it says error . I sent the invites through Xbox . When I tried to resend through the app it told me I already sent invite to that player.

      i Have no access to edit clan tag , name , or emblem. It looks like I have access to grant people in my clan more options like the ability to invite people .

      i no longer see the web address that it showed us during preregistration that we could use when recruiting.

      from the looks of it this seems to be a problem for a lot of other clans as well.

      Bad déjà vu from when elite first came out. Hope this app will get there footing quicker than elite did or at least provide some sort of answers so that many of us as clan leaders are not left in the dark.

      if anyone has already found these answers please provide them.

      Using app on iPad and iPhone. So any misspelled words I apologize for my spell checker , big fingers little keyboard.

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          Re: Clan issues already looking for answers

          I'm having the same issue. This might be a long shot and probably isn't the actual problem, but.... it is worth a shot.  I wonder if it's because the Call of Duty app from Activision is seeing the player trying to accept an invite and is also seeing that the player is in a clan (it just happens to be the same clan, just the old version of it) and wont let them in.  The lead on my clan is sending me invites, i click accept and it gives me an error. (This is using the in-game invite system).  I can deny the invite, i just cant accept it.  I'm gonna try to leave the Elite clan and see if that works.  I'm at work at the moment so it won't be until 4pm eastern time when i can see if it works or not.  If there's anyone that can try this before i get to it, please respond and let me know if it works.



          I can't find the Call of Duty app in the google play store.  All i see is the one Beachhead made for Elite.  That one only shows BO2 and MW3.

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            Re: Clan issues already looking for answers

            Once you get the app you can modify the clan name, tag, and motto. Look at my clan's page, http://lfjc.codcp.com/, and see if at the top is a link to the iOS, Android, Android APK (if the normal one says it is incompatible), and the Windows Phone versions.


            You may be able to have them view your clan in-game (not sure if that is possible) and apply, or have them use the app to find your clan and try to apply that way.


            The link to join your clan was only for the early access period and ever since that ended, you can't do anything. Not sure if they will have a website version of their site or not (heard various rumors).

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              Re: Clan issues already looking for answers

              Am I the only one who thinks things shouldn't be this difficult : - )


              I reserved my clan name during pre-registration and I am the clan leader; I have the app (iOS) and I have invited friends both through the app and through the game. One of my buddies claimed to have applied, but I don't see an application anywhere.


              Throwing this out there, can anyone tell me if they have successfully added players to their clan? Did you accept applications in-game or through the app? Does the notification show under the roster section or somewhere else?


              Thank you in advance!

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                  Re: Clan issues already looking for answers

                  I have successfully added people to my clan. I did it all from within the game by clicking on their name and selecting "Invite to Clan". They then had to go into the Barracks / Clan Invites section and accept it. I have no clue what that screen looks like and as far as I can tell there was no notification aside from the Clan Invitations option being enabled (it's disabled for me as a clan leader). I haven't had to deal with any applications yet.

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