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    Are the hackers going to be fixed?

      I play to compete with my friends for leaderboards and ranking up and I also enjoy this game immensely it is so much fun and I know a lot of you will be leaderboards and rank does not matter and truthfully you are half right but the ranking up system is enjoyable and very addictive in call of duty but these hackers take that away giving no incentive for people to battle their way to rank up on the leaderboards and their prestige.

          The hack or infection you might call it has been boosting hundreds even thousands of players to high prestiges and up the leaderboards there is also the select few who modded the leaderboards.

      As I said I love this game that is why it hurts me that a very old and cheap hack still works in this game it has been around in Cod 4 and MW3 and it is back again I mean for gods sake infinity ward this hack is several years old you need to code your game properly and by the way I have full respect for infinity ward and all game developers what you do for the world is great and it is a very hard job, but if you guys don't wake up and realise this is the real world where people are spending REAL money and when you pay full price for a product which is broken no matter how good or bad the product is and you sell that amount of games and it is full of hackers that is unacceptable. I shall give a example, If I sold 50 million Coca Cola bottles and each bottle initially tastes like coke but then tastes like a slap in the face I be sued! Obviously you guys are not breaking any rules but you are losing  the respect of many people.

          Remember I think this game is great but a infection which has been around for a long time is unacceptable I thought you had a new code for the game? Well this proved that too either be very bad code or a simple lie please become aware of these issues these hackers are ruining the fun of a lot of players.

         Does anyone know if infinity ward are aware or even bothered about these issues? And are they really going to finally deal with this?  

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