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    Need People For Ascension Easter Egg On Xbox

      Hello people, recently I've gotten Black Ops for the first time after so long and I wanted to do some unfinished business (try to do the Easter Eggs in Ascension, Call of the Dead, Moon, Shangri-La maybe. So I decided to ask my fellow task mates on the forums to see if there are people with a mic (though without can be accepted if you won't be a bother and mess things up) that play BO on Xbox with at least all the map packs or the ones with the maps stated above (quick note I am working on buying Annihilation so I'll get to that later on). As I stated before, I need 4 people with mics or can listen well without one. 4 with either one of the maps as stated before, and is okay to good in Zombies (for the Moon easter egg that is) and I need at least one person to know the easter egg well so they can help in case we mess up. Kinda a lot there don'tcha think? Well I really hope you guys can help me am if you can, I am very thankful for your time it will be an honor playing. Put your GTs in the comments if you have a requirement (it can be okay if you don't, I just need 1-2 people who do have the requirement) and I wish you all a good day.

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