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    What do you think about sniping?


      What do you guys think about the sniping in Ghost? I think its perfect, its not nearly as OP as BO2, and its not broken like it was in BO1. I have tried quickscoping and i can safely say that it is VERY hard to do successfully in Ghost. Also the maps now cater to snipers too ( FINALLY!!! ). So tell me what you guys think about the snipers in ghost, do you think they are OP? Or do you think they are good?

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          I can feel how heavy the rifles are. I know that sounds weird but the sway is so realistic I feel like I'm actually holding up a 30lb rifle. I'm not as successful as I feel I should be sniping. My aim is off by fractions of an inch.

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            Qsing takes a little practice but once you train a little bit its about like Mw3 not the EZ mode like BO2 but not as hard as BO1 like it should be.


            getting sniped across the map is annoying, but its easy enough to run around the place.

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              The sniping on this game has been the sniping I have been waiting for Call of Duty to bring back since MW2. The maps now actually give snipers an opportunity at achieving what they do best, long distance, stealthy kills! Plenty of vantage points in several maps and long lines of sight. The maps feel fantastic. Not to mention the weapons feel great. I am one of those players that like to pretend I am actually a military sniper when playing COD, I like to feel like a am having an impact on the game, and doing what a sniper in the military would do. I'd be happy to lie in a bush with a ghillie suit all game, and just pick off enemy targets, and this game allows that thankfully! I definitely approve of the sniping in this game, and definitely a huge step forward from previous releases.

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                I agree I love being a sniper in this game. I like to find my vantage points and pick runners off. It isn't easy either which adds to the fun of trying to kill the soldier before he gets to cover!