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    Instead of complaining, any tips from anyone who are succeeding?


      So far Ghosts has been nothing but frustration for me.  Past CODs I've done well, always held a decent KD...1.4 or above since MW2.  Even if I struggle at the start I get better, and when I say at first its usually just the first day or so.  Not the case with Ghosts.  3rd day in and I just haven't gotten any better or see no progression.  The maps certainly have alot to do with it, I do like to run and gun but the size, levels(so many ups-downs/buildings, etc), lack of a focal point have my head on a swivel, and not in a good way...I have no idea usually whats going on.  The general bad spawns are there, losing in gunfights you think you won, dying seemingly very quickly, so on and so on.  You get over that eventually.  I haven't unlocked to much stuff yet(I'm at level 16), just trying to save some points for whatever reason.

      So if you're succeeding at Ghosts, got any tips??