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    Ghosts=Good - Except Leaderboards+Dead Silence

      So, I never really played Black ops 2, hit prestige in it but never liked it, not a good game for me, just kept playing hundreds of hours of MW3.  Ghosts is a great game and massive improvement over Black Ops for me, I still pine for the old MW3 days but this game has me hooked now.  Couple of things though:


      1: Hacked FFA Leaderboard....already.....REALLY!

      2: I can still hear my footsteps in Dead Silence

      3: The limit on Operations/Challenges is frustrating to say the least, VERY FRUSTRATING


      Otherwise it's a great game, the slide is fantastic, hit detection is working great, bit sad about the changes to Specialist classes but we move with the times......Other than that no complaints, great game, great improvements, I can deal with the changes to what I don't like, change is change, adapt but the above points 1+2 need addressing and a change to Operations would be well received.