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    Missing! Wii U - CoD : Ghosts from the UK Highstreet.

      Ok, this is a fairly specific thread that will drop down the list in no time.

      But has anyone else noticed the massive lack in retail presence in the UK, of not only Call of Duty : Ghosts for the Wii U, but of anything Wii U related full stop?

      We all know the launch marketing was a joke, and Nintendo squandered any chance of a head start against MS/ Sony. But this is a year on, with some really strong family Wii U packages available at a good price.

      But still no sign of it.

      It struck me this week, as I have previously preordered my games on Amazon.

      But as I passed on my annual preorder this year, I happened to be out and about this week having a look in all the UKs biggest retail outlets, to check out prices of Ghosts.

      I'm not talking small stores here, I mean the huge flagship stores of retailers like Argos, Tesco, and Sainsburys. There are small dusty corners, dedicated to a no-frills Wii U display. Empty and neglected.

      And after asking many staff if they were carrying any stock of CoD:Ghosts for the Wii U, the answer was always no, with one girl asking 'why anyone would want it on that console?'

      You know, and I know if UK Wii U players want the game, then online preorder through Amazon or Game is the best way forward. But if Nintendo want to sell consoles, why the hell is there zero marketing for another year?

      I've no doubt that A_Trey_U and his team have produced a great port over the past months.

      But to think the only hope of hitting great sales figures is via online buyers, and missing a huge chunk of the Highstreet retail purse seems a bit baffling to me.

      Wii U sale figures won't rise on a few random adverts alone. The target audience is out there buying Christmas presents, and all they are seeing is row upon row of gleaming Xbox/PlayStations on the shelves.

      So my search proved, if you need Ghosts in the UK, either buy from Game on the Highstreet or online as you will just get laughed out of most of the other big 'game' retailers.

      (bearing in mind Blockbuster is currently facing turmoil)

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          Re: Missing! Wii U - CoD : Ghosts from the UK Highstreet.

          I was at a gas station buying coffee last night. There were two 18-20 year old kids talking to themselves as they worked registers about how there buddies had ghost early or something and they didnt know how? I told them preorder or midnight release and they said oh yeah thats prob it. Sh!t you not next thing they began to talk about was how wiiu is being discontinued...I know it isnt but yeah, its gotten that bad. I live in new york btw. Its not a uk thing.

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            Re: Missing! Wii U - CoD : Ghosts from the UK Highstreet.

            Welp, I live in a medium sized city. There are two gaming specific stores and a few big chain stores (big W and target here. Not sure what they are called elsewhere). In my entire town there were only 2 copies of COD ghosts for WiiU. I went to big w and they told me straight out they weren't doing WiiU games anymore. Target didn't have it on the shelves and said they didn't plan on stocking it. My local EB games one copy and it was $100. So I went to the local importer and picked up his only copy for $88. I'm in Australia. therw was also hundreds of copies of ps360 available. What the heck is going on?

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