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    Spawn Deaths....?


      Holy %$#@...  These maps are massive and yet I keep on getting spawned on team death match within feet of enemies aiming right at me.  Time and time again.  Am I the only one this is happening to with incredibly regularity?  Given the enormity of the maps I would have thought programmers could have found a way to re-spawn players with a little more security and maybe give them a bit of a fighting chance.

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          I know same in Dom. These maps are way too big and I've never been spawn killed so many times in my life. I honestly never had a problem with the spawns in MW3 and BO2.

          Those maps weren't even that small. Gawd these maps are terrible. The only decent ones are strikezone, freight, Soverign and Octane. Weird the small maps I don't get spawn killed on. Where as Stonehaven I spawned in front of a enemy on the C flag.

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            the spawnign does nothing more then check if nobody is in immediate sight range. thats it, and even then it sometimes doesnt work. im hoping they get a patch out that improves the spawns, this seems like left over MW3 quality.