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        40. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

        Honestly, Every single one of you are probably right yes there are problems with ghosts, such as: Time To Kill, a small amount of lag, ect. But not one of you probably sat back and thought about what you would do if you were Infinity Ward. I agree with you TTK in this game is really fast, but I personally have no problem with it because I know what they have dealt with for 9 years. People have argued over and over that people so called "eat bullets". Now your saying you die to fast. Well here are some ways to stay alive longer and win more gunfights.

        1.Ballistic Vests

        2.ICU Perk

        3.Buy a headset and use the perk amplified so you can hear people sneaking up on you.

        4.Turn your sensitivity down.

        Infinity Ward has gave us a well manufactured game and the only reason ever Call of Duty game gets worse into the year, is because of the constant hate to the developers. See basically its like this, we tell the developers what we want and they give it too us. Well there are people who dont want what we do so they tell the developers what they want. So the developers give it to them. Then in the end everybody says "I hate this game" or "This game was a disappointment". Honestly what everyone needs to do is leave the developers alone, and adjust to the game. Its called adapting.

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          41. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

          IIIF1SHY wrote:


          I think its fresh and enjoyable that gun skills and accuracy is now rewarded rather than scuf-jumping sponging and shoot first die first.


          I Enjoy this health system.

          1. Accuracy is rewarded with more health and hitting appropriate areas for more damage such as head, not less health. Less Health = more drying from sprayers and what most people like to call bullshit kills because of being more prone to getting hit through metal and other such bullshit.

          2. Scuf-jumping (I'm guessing halo jumping) can most likely be decreased by widening the spread of shots when in midair. (I'm pretty sure someone explained this is in another post.)

          3. The less health can make some, not all players afraid to run around and now sit in corners more often or stay on one side of the map for the duration of the entire game. -.- (Sorry but I dislike Camping and Camping just went up by what 200%?)

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            42. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

            I totally agree with you...

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              43. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

              Have you noticed also when you re spawn after dying you have blood splash on the screen that would normally be there when your taking damage? it is as if the game is out of sync!


              Add to that the delay in the announcer in Domination when your loosing a flag and just maybe the game for some of us is a few seconds out of sync on xbox.

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                44. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                Agreed. Whatever is causing the game to be this way, whether it's low TTK, latency, etc. is not okay. I've gone from being a good objective player to getting pummeled every time I try to capture a flag or point because I'm getting killed instantly by people that are sitting in dark corners of these unnecessarily complicated maps. I've tried almost every perk and gun combination and I'm still getting beaten in almost every gun fight. I know I'm not this bad, having little to no chance of winning gunfights is incredibly discouraging and I honestly feel like **** playing this game. If I hadn't gotten the digital download version, I would've returned it already. I've had a positive K/D 5 times out of 90 games and I just can't take the stress of letting my clan mates down anymore.

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                  45. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                  it is not a health issue... u die in 1 bullet realtime from your perspective but in the killcam the guy is actually shooting you as much as you shoot to kill someone else.. it is the usual latency issue because of poor net coding and the fact that they dont have dedi servers yet

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                    46. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                    simple, if i was IW i would have had the dedicated servers ready for launch, not a few weeks after it, by which time you have lost a lof of current players and all the negativity wouldnt cost them extra sales.....  But again rush it out expecting the usual mass sales but this time their sales are worse than ever,....... they tried this trick one time too many

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                      47. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                      i love this new health system. you can kill people just as fast as they kill you so i dont even understand your complaint. i shoot at people, get perfect hit markers and they die. thats EXACTLY what i want. also, i run out of the line of fire constantly. your reactions are just to slow

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                        48. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                        No.  There is an issue, it has been addressed and acknowledged over the masses.  To deny that at this point would make me very curious how many moth ball and paint chip lunches you have been a part of.

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                          49. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                          Well this is indeed true.


                          Even if you do make it to cover by a cleaver slide or pesky jump its usually followed by some latent based death recap where a guy shoots you with "wanted bullets".

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