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    BO2 Freezing

      Like so many of you...my BO2 has started to freeze a few months ago. Some days I can play for hours...then the next spend hours rebooting the PS3. In my case it freezes when I select Multiplayer/"Play Online". A couple seconds and it freezes.

      I am in the computer field and have spent weeks researching multiple "fixes" I have done them all....including tearing the blue ray apart and clean the lens and even replaced the hard drive and still experience freezing.


      Common Activision.....I have literally read hundreds of posts under this topic for over a year. When are you going to take this problem serious and address this issue.......when will this be fixed???

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          Re: BO2 Freezing

          Hello Loc,


          Very sorry to hear about the freezes that you are encountering. Can you let me know if you currently have any DLC installed on your console, and if so, which ones?


          Also, you stated that you attempted some troubleshooting steps already. Can you let me know what steps you have already followed?




          ATVI Support

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              Re: BO2 Freezing

              First thank you for resonding quickly...BO2 had been working on the PS3 since we first purchased November 2012 until a few months ago..Nothing has changed in our network. I run an IT business out of my home and am very familiar with networking. There are 4 systems that use the network at verious times but never at once. Our Internet is provided by verizon and we have a business class DSL. We also have an Xbox on the same network and run BO2 (recently purchased) and do not have issues.


              DLC-the intial upgrade for BO2 and Nuketown 2025


              HAVE-tried other games and they work

              HAVE-tried Black Ops 1 and it also failed either going into "Multiplayer
              " or during a game being played in "Multiplayer"

              HAVE-SAFE MODE-Restored the System File

              HAVE-SAFE MODE Rebuild Database

              HAVE-SAFE MODERestored PS3 System

              HAVE-Cleared PS3 Game Data Utility and reloaded the title update

              HAVE-Cleaned disc. Its in pretty good shape with one very small scratch (I have other games with many more and works)

              HAVE-Removed the blue ray player, disasembled and cleaned the lens

              HAVE-Hard Wire-static IP

              HAVE-Placed fan under console

              And finally HAVE-Replaced the hard drive and reinstalled the system files and still freezes


              Yesterday I spent almost 5 hours trying to get Multiplayer running. Just kept freezing.  I left for a couple hours and tried again and then worked. I played for 3 hours with no issues. I thought maybe once in Multiplayer mode then the problem was gone, but in the recent past the game has froze on us during multiplayer-split screen sessions with my son. Of course once that happens we have to reboot the PS3 and then have to wait because we left a game during play


              HAVE NOT-Try the game on another PS3. Most friends have Xbox's

              HAVE NOT-Tried another BO2 (not avaiable at RedBox)


              Appreciate anything you can help me with....as you can see I'm not afraid to try anything


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                  Re: BO2 Freezing

                  i have had this issue & been posting since march

                  only 1 fix ive heard

                  change the password to the account

                  but this was NOT clear if its PSN or BLOPS 2 related,kinda gets lost in replies & sarky comments

                  highly annoying,zombies = flawless

                  multiplayer cant get past the 1st screen

                  if you search


                  MULTIPLAYER FREEZING  you will find many many unanswered posts & those that are give the usual clean the disc routine.The only reason im not goin mental is ive had enough of the game & for that matter ghosts too & wont be upgrading to ps4.

                  Try the unofficial Fb pages for other people asking for help,THAT DESPERATE they will go on facebook!

                  when the 2nd best answer i have found is " GET BATTLEFIELD 4" says a lot really,i wish us all some luck!

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                  Re: BO2 Freezing

                  JG....I replied to you a week ago with a detailed description as requested of everything I have done but have not heard back from you.

                  Update: after our lastmpost, I was able to play on Multiplayer for 4 straight days playing multiple matches per day. Friday it started again. I was up until 3:00AM trying to get back on but same issue....keeps locking the PS3 when going into Multiplayer.

                  Please take some time to help me with this.


                  Thank you]


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                  Re: BO2 Freezing

                  Emilio...any updates or solutions on this issue?

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                      Re: BO2 Freezing

                      im in week 4 of no MP

                      & apart from lies & sarcasam im goin to try the ONLY one that ive heard work

                      change the pasword on the account!

                      Dont ask me how or why but thats what i saw in another yet unanswered post

                      change the password -it worked for 1 chap but no one else posted back,either they got on ok,or they didnt,i cant play either way so screw it!

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