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    game not finding matches....help!

      Hi can someone tell me how come my game for two days now has been going into the find match and just sit in an empty lobby?? Is anyone else's not working ? My Nat is moderate and my internet has great connection . just won't find any games..

      Please help...thank you

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          This happens to me quite a lot and it's even worse now that there's not many people playing the game, I know it's a cliche but you could try rebooting your router

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            How many of the DLC have you downloaded? try disabling the DLC and see how that goes.

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              I have the season pass. It doesn't matter if its my account or.my bfs still just sits in the match saying.needs 5more players. If lucky will find one or two but that is all...

              Don't think that it has anything to do with my router...

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                check the game type and how many people are playing.  Some modes have only hundreds on at a time, you're never gonna clear matchmaking and get a match unless you try a popular mode now that there is hardly anyone left playing.


                The advice to disable your DLC is also good. Looking only for other users still playing that have all the DLC like you leaves a pretty small player pool these days.  Many season pass holders have disabled the additional content in order to be in the bigger player pools and get in games.  Joining them will increase your player pool and chances of getting into a game.


                Also, if your NAT isn't open, your connection is not "great."  If you're not willing to investigate the connection, you should at a minimum change your search preference from "best" to "normal" or "any"