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      why is this gun so powerful like wtf i went in a game of cranked and this guy one shots like everyone

      (and as usual when i try it it's not xD )  but still i am getting owned i seriously suck at call of duty

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          1. Re: MSBS

          thats the 3 shot burst assault rifle right? im still learning all the guns atm.

          try the DMR with the foregrip, already on it, its really powerful

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            2. Re: MSBS

            This gun is probably going to get nerfed in the first patch since it's time to kill is ridiculous. There is no reason whatsoever to use an SMG or shotgun or any other weapon in CQB and mid-range when this gun can get 10 kills in 1 clip. The one weakness is targets at range, but even then a foregrip gets rid of that problem for the most part. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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              3. Re: MSBS

              If they nerf this gun then they'd better bloody nerf the sniper rifles as well!

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                4. Re: MSBS

                We'll see... I kind of doubt anything is coming for the snipers... yet. Snipers haven't been too prevalent in the 20 hours or so I've logged. The MSBS on the other hand is by far the most commonly used weapon I see now. Whenever they do nerf it, it will go from being a beast to totally useless since if it's not a 1 burst kill up close, you'll just be dead from any other weapon in the game. If they buffed health, though, it might be more balanced since you'd have time to get off 2 bursts. Seriously doubt a health buff will happen.

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                  5. Re: MSBS

                  If you are dying, by one shot, it is due to him having lag comp over you.  Lag Comp is still a huge issue in this game.  Some games its one hit kill for me, most games it is not. 

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                    6. Re: MSBS

                    Being a one burst kill 99% of the time will have to be changed. I'm thinking an accuracy nerf rather than a damage reduction, especially on the hipfire spread. Also is it just me or do the hitboxes seem huge in this game? I feel like if I shoot anywhere near someone I get the kill.

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                      7. Re: MSBS

                      Not near as bad as the last 2 cods.

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                        8. Re: MSBS

                        The gun is incredibly latency based with how it look like it kills you. I'm not denying that there is mad bullet mag or aim assist.


                        The gun only requires 2 of its bullets to actually 1 hit you with good latency, which makes it worse. I like to compare it to the M16 in MWF2 because that was the balanced version of a 3 round burst gun. You had to have holo, you had to have stopping, and you had to make sure all rounds hit. With the MSBS you need nothing, show up to the game and you'll drop 1 shots.

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                          9. Re: MSBS

                          Why would they nerf it? It's a 3 round burst. It takes a full 3 rounds to kill at short ranges and 5 at long ranges. Don't know for a fact, but that's what I noticed.


                          Every assault rifle in the game takes 2-3 bullets to kill at short ranges.


                          So how is it over powered again?

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