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    Looking for Players with 2.0KD or higher

      So this is a tad embarrassing...I would normally never look for new players to add to my friends list, but for some bizarre reason, most of my friends list just stinks at Ghosts


      I have always been very picky at the people I add to my friends list and for the most part... if you do not have over a 2.0 KD you are really no use to me on my team. I play TDM, Kill Confirmed and S&D. If you too are interested in someone who has a good combat record, please feel free to message me "Hooturs".

      I do not mean this in any disrespect to those of you who have poor combat records, but It does get quite exhausting, having to carry players who go negative.


      I am around a 3.0 KD and 13.00 Win loss.



      -Yes I play to have fun, but loosing is not fun!   ~Hooturs