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        10. Re: MSBS

        There are a lot of great guns in Ghosts. The gun in question is just good, nothing more, to nerf anything would be a mistake. If you go full auto the damage dealt already falls down from 55 to 40. Unless you are up close 2 bursts are needed more than often.

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          11. Re: MSBS

          I personally don't think there is anything wrong with it. It's a good solid gun. I've used it some, it's lethal at mid range, but the damage drops off pretty quick, and it's about useless if someone runs up on you, and you have to hipfire. I think its pretty balanced.

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            12. Re: MSBS

            I think something with the gun needs to be done...because I don't even get a red screen before I die...I don't know what I'm getting shot by...the MSBS or a sniper rifle. 

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              13. Re: MSBS

              I doubt the gun will change as the M16 on CoD4 was one burst for a kill and so was the Famas on MW2 and they were both Infinity ward games and didn't get nerfed

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                14. Re: MSBS

                'That's not true.  Only 2 bullets to kill up to 20 metres. 1 burst range goes to about 40 metres without a headshot required.  The MSBS is also extremely accurate and very easy to use.  Of course nobody wants it nerfed but it should be expected.  Even if the accuracy is toned down a bit, it will still be a great weapon.

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                  15. Re: MSBS
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                    16. Re: MSBS

                    it is two bullet kill up to 20 metres,People are running and gunning with it instead of SMGs.Every try-hard in town is using it.


                    Enjoy while it lasts

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                      17. Re: MSBS

                      I use the USR and L115 and I get out gunned in my intended range by almost every AR in this game due to the fact that anybody can have quick aim and the AR's RoF is faster than the sniper rifles and the fact that the AR's seem to kill in 2 shots. The SR's will probably not get a nerf at all.

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                        18. Re: MSBS

                        All AR's seem to be killing in 2-3 shots which is total bs and unbelievable that IW thought this was fair.

                        I never see people running and gunning with SMG's because the AR's are much more lethal at close range than the SMG's.

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                          19. Re: MSBS

                          Yea, the MSBS is the burst AR. It's definitely going to be the most dominant AR in the game unless it gets changed. Reminds me of the M16 from CoD4 (which had virtually no recoil, unlike the MSBS). The damage on that, too, was also discussed ad nauseum in the CoD4 forums.


                          Overall, I like the MSBS, but it does have its own strengths and weaknesses just like every other gun.

                          Last Edited: Nov 9, 2013 7:34 PM
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