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    Guns need revision just like BO2

      Guns need to be revised just as they were upon the release of BO2. I'm watching killcams where assault rifles are killing me in 1-2 shots(no headshot) on standard game mode(not hardcore)


      on top of that it seems that assault rifles are better to use for run and gunning than smg's being that they kill with so little bullets. I get 3-5 hitmarkers with SMG's before an enemy is down and only need 2 with an assault rifle. I understand assault rifles should do more damage and SMG's rely more on fire rate to get kills. But the difference in fire rate is not substantial enough to make an SMG a strong competitor VS an assault rifle.


      I'm not sure what exactly my problem is but I have played every cod besides the original modern warfare and have had over 2.0 KD on every game. I'm struggling to uphold a 1.5 and I have been playing very defensive. I feel as though this may have to do with the above stated comment regarding either Player HP or Weapon damage in the standard game mode. Although it seems like it may have something to do with connection as well. I have always been able to turn corners on people and kill them while they sat in a corner like 70% of the time. In ghosts if i turn the corner on someone camping waiting for me to come around it im dead just about 80%/90% of the time. While watching killcams it seems when I use certain moves or strategies to turn corners on people they see my character before I come around the corner(on my end) I have cable internet 30mbps. Not the best, but it should be enough so that this isn't an issue or is it not? If im lagging it certainly shouldn't be on my end, while I'm the only one using bandwidth. It's not just on occasion either, it's every lobby, every game.


      oh and it's not just me, I have about 15 different friends that I play with on all the call of duty games, and every one of them is struggling as well and on the verge of giving up on this game. At least until something is done to improve the current state of the game. It seems the only way that people are not struggling, is camping. I'm not here to cry about campers, but not all of us enjoy playing like that. Infinity ward.. plea.. HALP!

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          Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

          People are struggling because everyone pretty much as the same chance to kill one another. Very rarely, lag is involved but lack of skill. Don't expect to be as good as you were in other CoD games. Sometimes you will get lucky and have a really good game. Good people have to stop thinking they are better than they actually are. People are killing me just as fast as fast as I kill them. I just went 17-4 in SnR, my point is BO2 and other games are Easy compared to Ghosts. I'll take a challenge over having my connection doing all the work for me anyway.

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              Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

              Well put.


              It's so funny to see people trying to play Ghosts like BO2. Running out into the open without really looking around.


              @OP your internet is better than mine & I'm not experiencing anything like what you're describing. You should also consider though, it's your Ping to host/server that determines how your "connection feels".

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              Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

              Should also mention the game is still new to a lot of people, so you better expect camping and adapt. I'm starting to get a general idea where people will be, so really stop complaining because a game doesn't suit your playstyle in order to have things go your way. Just play the game and appreciate it.

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                Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                The guns this time around are on par damage wise with black ops 2.   I have looked up the gun stats.  All of the assult rifles except one require 3 body shots to kill.  The only one that kills in two shots is the 3 round burst one and that only works out to 9 meters.  The main difference is that the assult rifles have a longer 3 hit kill range than they did in black ops 2.  In black ops 2 most of them stopped killing in 3 hits around 15 to 20 meteres, with the exception of the scar and the Swat 556.  This time around most assult rifles kill in 3 hits out to 22 to 30 meters.


                This was done by necessity for the game's design.  With the introduction of the marksman rifle class, the assult rifles needed a buff in order to compete with the new weapons that kill in 3 hits at any range. The SMG's and shotguns are ranged like more traditional COD weapons and are having a hard time competing on these larger maps. 


                It sounds like you are running a  more traditional run and gun SMG build by your complaints.  The issue you have here is with the stalker and quickdraw perks the differences between the AR and SMG handling is considerably less pronounced than black ops 2.  You have 3 options if you want to run an SMG.  First, you can use quickdraw and stalker yourself for an overwhelming speed advantage.  Secondly you can take an all stealth approach and play more conservatively.  Finally, if you are going to run a traditional run and gun SMG build you need to choose your area of operations on the map very carefully.  If you rush the longer sight lines against an AR, Marksman or sniper rifle, you are going to get crucified and that is all there is to it. 


                One other option you might consider is the MTARx SMG.  It has a 3 to 4 shot kill at all ranges and is more competative with the larger weapons. 

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                  Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                  my fav gun so far is the remmington, its not my most effective but i like the feel

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                    Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                    So, yore crying about  .5 kd? The games only been out 4 days, give it some time. People need to stop crying. The game is fine.

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                      Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                      You are not the only one.

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                        Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                        Felt somewhat the same but this POV has changed. Here's why;


                        "Here's what works for old gallp in TDM and Cranked (still working the rest out)


                        1. ADS lots you die fast in this game and first couple of hits almost always wins. (Stalker is critical to stay mobile in gun fights)

                        2. If you are a great aim use focus to reduce flinch and stay on target. If you can't aim straffing is your friend, move on the diagonal and spray if you get in trouble.

                        4. Don't run around like a squirrel on speed its ways to hard to check every corner there are just too many. Pick a zone with good traffic and lock it down. Use natural map barriers and traps to funnel players to you. Use unsuppressed gun fire as bait to attract targets.

                        5. MInimise your flanks and stick to the edges until you really really know your routes and even then play defensively there are too many routes to cover when mobile.

                        6. Experiment with guns - I'm loving the AK with muzzle break for range and to attract plays to my zone. Saves running around getting killed and finding no one on these big maps.

                        7. Stay frosty don't get mad - madness leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side

                        8. Most important, if yo are legal age enjoy a blood good red. Old gallp has the cellar ready for the season and it contains some beauties. Tonight's trade is a 1998 Wyn Coonawarra Cab Sav....many know this is a gallp standard."


                        Perhaps something here will be helpful. Notwithstanding guns will be tweaked...they always are


                        Yours in Cod

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                          Re: Guns need revision just like BO2
                          So in other words you want to be able to get shot 15 times before dying....no thanks the guns in BOPS 2 shoot marshmallows.
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                            Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                            These are the only problems I see with the guns in Ghosts:


                            1. Assault riffles have seemingly faster pull up then SMG's and it should be the other way around. You stand a high chance in a pull up duel that the assault will win even when you run Quick draw+ Ready up.


                            2. Assault rifles eclipse the range of Marksmen riffles. They completely dump on them unless you run the burst attachment and you 1 hit them. No Assault really suffers from any draw back.


                            3. MSBS is OP because of bullet mag and aim assist. You can mimic it's 1 shot with the MR and the IA-U at greater ranges (1 shot falls off around the long distance shot marker).


                            4. Honey Badger has no draw back to it being silence... I mean its what the MTAR should be but with a silencer and way more accurate.


                            5. SMG's seem fine except for the pull up thing. The Vepr is prolly the best one so far.


                            6. The Sniper riffles have way to much bullet mag and aim assist. They also scope a bit to fast. There has been so many times a sniper came no where near shooting me and still killed me. I'd chalk it up to lag but no other gun kills me the same way except some cases of the MSBS.


                            7. Shotguns. Someone tell me how the slug reticule works that's all I need.


                            8. Haven't tested the LMG's


                            9. Launchers, can we have more


                            10. Pistols suck just three attach you don't need them.

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                              Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                              I agree, the guns in this game need revision. Especially the Shotguns. My TAC 12 has Slug, Muzzle Break, and Red Dot Sight and i get hit-markers from Point Blank Range. Please Infinity Ward, keep your legacy of great games going by fixing these broken links.

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                                  Re: Guns need revision just like BO2

                                  I haven't used any of the shotguns yet and honestly I haven't felt the need to. A lot of close quarters areas like in sovereign and freight where I figured I would be getting frustrated by getting blasted by shotguns and just dying instantly I have yet to see a shotgun. Whether you were being sincere or not in your statement, this could be the reason I have, since launch, only seen about 3-4 people using shotguns.

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