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    BO2 looks better now that Ghosts is out.


      Well at least now that I've played Ghosts I appreciate Black Ops 2 a lot more, lol.

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          I actually agree sadly, bought Ghost expecting this wow factor, popped it in and started playing it and well there was just no wow factor.  i had that with Black Ops 2 and it kept me playing it.  But this is just all washed out, nothing fantastic, the characters do not look any better than MW3 IMHO.


          I do not know it just well bleh.  Oh and I have already been in three lobbies that had hackers playing on Ghosts (they were getting 60k per kill, one guy had EVERY perk equipped and then the final lobby if you jumped it made you fly in the air).  I am just amazed.


          Of course, that isn't to say that BF4 is any better.  I have that as well and I cannot see anything on that bloody game.  EVERYTHING blends in and it is nigh impossible to find people when playing it before you get killed.  Maybe I am just getting too old for my games now     

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            Ghosts is that bad? I have no intentions of getting it anyway because for me CoD is passing its sell by date and now cater to little 8-16 yr olds. I hardly ever play Black ops 2 any more.

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              MidnightSpecial4 wrote:


              Well at least now that I've played Ghosts I appreciate Black Ops 2 a lot more, lol.

              Ill be honest boys, BO2 is far superior to what Ghost is. IF this game frustrated you at a point, then GHOST will infuriate you so stay away.

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                FYI ... so I have now had this game for an entire week and enough time to really put it through the rigors (haha ... you'll see).


                Thus far the only thing that has been stable for me is Squads mode or the Single Player Campaign.  Anything other than that is a crap shoot.


                So playing Ghosts on the PS3 does the following:

                • CPU Usage on the PS3 consistently spikes to 100% and stays there for extended times, longest time at 100% was for a full 35 minutes.  Just imagine that amount of usage.
                • After playing Ghosts for ~25+ minutes, the CPU core temperatures on the PS3 go to 90*C (194*F) on average, I have seen temp spikes in the excess of 115*C (239*F)
                • RAM usage, when playing the game there is never less than 100% of the PS3 RAM being used.  How this affects the game or system is that if god forbid someone sends you a message or game invite, you run the risk of disconnecting from the PSN servers because simply put the system cannot handle it.  Also if you do not clean out your Inbox and Sent Box which are stored in the temporary RAM on your PS3, you also run the risk of the game locking up.
                • The Blu-ray drive runs almost constantly.  I have never had a game that ran the Blu-ray drive this much.  Blu-ray drive temperatures are running between 65*C (149*F) and 85*C (185*F).  This will cause premature failure of the drive, which could be a very brilliant product strategy if that is what Sony wants (product failure means you would probably go out and buy a new unit).
                • When playing online, normal games use about 10-20 KB/sec of data usage (this is what I average playing either MW3 or BO2 or even currently BF4) ... on average I am seeing ranges from 65-100 KB/sec of usage with this game.  So 5x the normal usage.
                • As of yet, I have both the PS3 & PC version, I have only been able to play the PC version for a grand total of 15 minutes in a whole week.  Why is that you may ask?  Because the game is so riddled with DX11 issues that it crashes 95% of the time you run it.  What have the said about it?  Well your graphics card cannot handle the processing.  I have dual R9-290X graphics cards each with 4GB of DDR5 RAM, a FX-9590 CPU (8-cores running at 5.0GHz), 32GB of RAM and the game is running off of a SSD.  If my system cannot handle the processing, what system can?!


                Activision may lose me to BF4 honestly at this point.  I have already gone back to more playing BO2 because plain and simple I get too frustrated trying to play Ghosts; that and the proliferation of hackers on the PS3 side is worse than MW1/MW2/WaW.    

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                  Is BO2 still good? Are enough players still playing this? I'm contemplating on getting this game or BO1

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                    Yes BO2 is still very good.  BO1 is enjoyable at times as well, but going back and playing it sometimes for me (especially MP) frustrates me and I find myself quickly back on BO2.    

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                      i bought ghosts and returned it after 2 days!! was a waste of my time and money. it doesnt have a cod look feel or gameplay was very disappointed by it and ill be playing blops2 until a new cod comes out

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                        You guys do realize it was made for PS4 and Xbox-1 right? Other then that and its fact is you have to compare it to BF3 where every other second you were tank shelled by some abuser of the tanks. I mean if you look and compare the two you see Ghost is better than BF4 on gameplay. BF4 is a bunch of idiots driving battle ships and tanks and yet I see no tanks in Ghost. Although I do like the new blowing open walls system, Incorporate that with a Black Ops 3 and we will all be one big happy communty. Anyone agree or Disagree?

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                            Yes I realize it is designed with next gen in mind, but I also have the next gen console already and guess what?  It looks NO DIFFERENT from the PS3/XBOX360/PC current release.


                            You see no tanks in Ghosts?  Well they are sitting there you just cannot use them, the only COD where you had that was WaW.


                            And BF4 is more than just driving battle ships and tanks, I do like them both (both COD series and BF series) but I think your view of the situation is a bit narrowed.


                            And what blowing open walls?  I have yet to see ANYWHERE that occurs for me.  Yeah I can knock down the gas station in the one map or I can blow the end of the bus off another but that is about it.  Oh wait, you can knock down telephone poles and if you are lucky enough to get the KEM on the boardwalk map it totally changes THAT MAP ONLY.

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                            Damn I didnt know that much about Ghost. I thought it might have been better than Black ops 2 lol Thanks for all the info ill hold back on getting Ghost untill the price drops on Ebay or amazon,or any etc. Ill stick to playing Black ops 2. So if anyone thats gets tired of playing Ghost and wants to play Black ops 2 hit me up always down to play.
                            PSN: Maximus054