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    Dedicated servers ?

      I read  Infinity Ward chief Mark Rubin teased in an interview with Eurogamer in August, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox 360 versions will support dedicated servers as well as the new consoles. Well did they go live and are they working because I'm seeing a hell of a lot of host migrations even at peak times in a populated area of the UK. The lag is so up and down that it's from one extreme to the others from one game to the next. Yet if I play Squads on any of the game modes I very rarely notice lag or have WTF moments. So my connection from my console to there servers is perfectly fine or I would have trouble with those games as well.


      If I lived in the middle of some third world country that required 2500 hamsters running on there exercise wheels to power my house, I might understand the issue with lag but considering I live in a very large populated area in the UK with the best Internet speed money can buy around here. I would expect my connection to use a dedicated server and not listen servers that can cause so many lag issues.


      So where is this lag coming from or was Dedicated servers just YET more BS to sell the game?

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          Yeah dedicated servers isn't here yet, but it's coming. It's just a question of when.

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            The dedi servers will most likely start running when the Xbox one and Ps3 is released, it makes sense to do it that way. I honestly notice no lag in this game and my connection isnt the best...

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              Well thank you both for clearing that up. I hated Bo2 and only bought Ghosts because of the promise of Dedicated servers. Wish I could say I haven't  got lag but I'm seeing lag and rubber banding in more games than not. I followed a Youtube Video when MW3 went live to se my router and connection up, So it can't be that. Also got a lot of my friends on Xbox live saying the same thing. I live in hope I will be able to enjoy muti player as much as squads because the connection should be the same.

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                I'm waiting for dedicate servers too...


                I was robbed or cheated! bought as promised and not fulfilled!


                This game is crap like MW3 or BO2!

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                  Same here. Lag is so god damn ridiculous in this game. When i finally do find a descent room i lose connection

                  to the host..over and over again. I have the best internet that money can buy and live in a  major metropolis on the east

                  coast. I do a speed test on my internet before even starting this broken ass game and im well within the boundries of optimum connectivity. I bought this for one reason and one reason only. I was promised dedicated servers. Done with this sh!t franchise and there 1997 cutting edge technology. Thank god for bf4 and the promise of better games on the horizon titanfall, destiny, etc. Cause i sure as hell will never be buying another cod title ever..

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                    I like this game more then MW3 but nowhere near as much as Black Ops 2.

                    Lag is what killed MW3 for me and Lag is what is currently killing Ghost for me.

                    If they fail to fix the lag for me this time round I will never touch another game by IW.