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    Help Needed!! Clan + Patch Help!!

      Hi all I need your help!


      I have been trying since day one to enter my friends clan though much to my amazement I thought it had worked the other day... I was wrong!


      If I look on my COD App on my Xperia Z1 it shows me in the clan, though when I try to look whilst on ghosts on my console (Xbox 360) it shows nothing under clan details (Locked) The only thing I can do on that page is create a clan... Oh no sorry i forgot to mention I cant do that either! I can go through with typing the name, then it says its working and saving and then when I return to the screen it isn't there!


      So going back to my COD app and try to leave the clan (my mates clan) so he can re-invite me to see if this sorts the problem but every time i try to leave it just keeps coming up with 'unknown error'! So basically I am stuck in a clan that I'm not really in because yet again Infinity Ward have released a half baked, re skinned product again... I moan because all I want to do is play some Clan VS Clan with my mate but obviously with the above this is impossible. In short; My app tells me I'm in a clan but the game tells me I'm not. Does anyone have the same issue or know how to fix it?


      Also while Im here does anyone else have a problem with patches not unlocking after completing the challenges for them. Tonight I have completed the 'Kill an enemy with a melee whilst sliding' challenge 6 times though I still havent been able to unlock the patch... Any answers?

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          Re: Help Needed!! Clan + Patch Help!!

          I'm having the same problem... and it's driving me nuts!

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            Re: Help Needed!! Clan + Patch Help!!

            in order to get that patch, or any patch,the challenge has to be open under "operations". if you click on operations, it lists 5 different challenges.  But, if you click on one of the operations, it lists 10 more. So there are 10 under each one, so 50 open at a time.  If your trying to get a patch that is not listed on any of those 50, then you cant get it yet. You can change operations , by paying squads points, or you can wait for it to automatically give you new operations every 2 weeks, hope that helps,

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