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    Official Headquarters Discussion.

      Yes I know the population was low and I know not every liked the chaos of this mode however this mode has been around since call of duty 4 and was and still is a great mode for tactical play you have to work as a team on the objective which is better than hardpoint or I like to call it boostpoint because people abused hardpoint for score on streaks this mode you need to work well as a team to win. I really hope they bring it into the playlist for xbox 360 because with 6v6 needing to go to one objective will make the larger maps more playable please think about it guys headquarters would be awesome in ghosts.

             Okay so all I want you guys to do is too discuss if you want Headquarters back and if you want changes to it if it did come back etc if they brought it back I would lower the time limit a little to attract more players and make it even more fast paced with less score maybe.

         I vote YES bring this awesome mode back.

         This thread was edited due to me being a idiot  keep posting guys and keep it up!


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