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        I see dogs as the opportunity to get more XP when I kill them. the amount of times I get killed by them really isn't that bad.


        You also wouldnt be standing up shooting a .50 cal either so yeah enough said.

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          The dogs are fine.


          My brand new dog has been killed by half a clip from an assault rifle before. That's not so overpowered, IMO.

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            The dogs are not OP. They have a little more health than a person, but the maps are huge and guns are very powerful. It takes less than an smg/assault clip to kill them. If you don't want to get killed by them then take wider turns around corners and use the slide.If you are a sniper this is a reason you want to use a secondary. Weakening the dogs health would make the killstreak completely worthless. There are plenty of times the dogs give away my position as it is.

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              I agree with Narco.  My limited experience with dogs, even on HC, is that they take a half clip or more to bring down...given the fact that I just killed the dog owner, it makes it difficult for me to bring enough ammo for the party.  I'd like more advice if anyone has a more effective way to bring them down. 

              Many times too, out of reflex and stupidity, I'll hit the derned reload button even though I see the dog off to the side, lol.  Then it's waaay too late.

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                Im assuming that you are watching kill cams. Im willing to bet most of the hit detection complaints can be traced back to kill cams.

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                  They should have put a perk in that makes you invisible to dogs, or better yet if you kill its owner it will then become yours..

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                    Dogs in Call of Duty Ghosts have 300% health compared to a human in the game, I know this by using snipers all the time, it takes 3 bullets to kill 1 dog but (most times) 1 bullet to a person


                    A dog should only have 70% of a person, not 300%, I have to agree they are Overpowered, a dog is smaller and shooting at one has a higher chance to hit something important in the dogs body, and I am more then sure no dog takes 3 sniper bullets to the face, I don't care if they nerf it or not but 300% is not realistic, and to people who say dogs have armour that's bull, any army will give their soldiers armour before thinking of the animals

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                      Couldn't agree more with the OP. These dogs are absolutely annoying. I have dumped a full mag from my Honey Badger to drop one of these beasts, yet only a couple of shots to take down a person.

                      To make them worse they can jump into a second story window and  have like a 3 meter lunge that one shots, it's more frustrating than a sniper.

                      I could probably deal with it if it required more kills to get, but it's pretty low for what it's capable of doing.

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                        NERFING is usually called for by people who suck at CoD.

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                          Hey man join my clan! add me frosty hedgeog if ur good?

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