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    Invincibility gltich

      me and my mate jumped into a lobby, in the game some players couldn't kill each over by any means.


      Ok imagine 4 guys two on each team

      team numbers and team letters


      Guy1 can't kill GuyA and GuyA can't kill Guy1 but Guy2 can kill GuyA and GuyB can kill Guy1, Guy2 can kill GuyB and GuyB can kill Guy2


      If this makes sense to you, your a genius but basicly I can kill over guys of their team just not these 2-3 guys but they couldn't kill me too.


      I would have recorded this and posted the link but my Elgato failed to capture this for some weird reason  :/

      we was knifing each over spraying bullets, the guy ran away from me thinking I was unkillable and think I was hacking, but I think he realise I couldn't kill him too and knew it was just a glitch (I hope, Don't want to be reported for a game glitch)  it was funny though when he ran off scared XD