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    Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

      I've been using Elite since it was beta stages. I have had success recruiting for our clan in the past but I can't seem to find any new players join now. We are a clan of 12 members. We've gaming together for the last 3 or 4 years. We've seen a lot people come and go but would like to get active players for the release of CoD Ghosts. Any suggestions on how to find new members? Thanks in advance!


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          Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

          It is much easier to wait till Ghosts comes out and then recruit in the game, especially after owning

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            Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

            Lol... you kind of came to the wrong place for advice about that. Everyone here wants to recruit for their clan, not yours. As the head recruitment officer for Veritas Gaming, I can honestly tell you I spend 1-2 hours a day trying to recruit. We have posts on about 15 different forums (for COD, about 15 others for the rest of our supported games)not to mention in game recruiting. Making sure threads are bumped without breaking forum rules, and just scouring the forums for people looking for a clan take up most of that time, but also looking for new places to post a thread and helping out the new recruits get acclimated. I have a team of 5 for COD and 7 for other games. Of course, Veritas Gaming has over 600 members... you may not need to do as much work for a small clan.


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              Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?
              1. Be different!

              For those people who clan jump, looking for clans to satisfy their needs, they are most likely looking for clan's that aren't the same. When I say. be different I mean in a positive way. Meaning do things that other clan's don't but make it work.

                   2. Be original

              Come up with your own ideas. Don't copy of other people's clan's and make those idea's stand out so much that people will go "Hey, look at this. This clan does 'this and this and this'. It sounds interesting so I'm going to give it a try!" Come up with ideas to draw the average gamer in. For example, come up with an idea that doesn't require the gamer to do much work but have to put little effort and make it benefit them more than they work for.

                   3. Have an ambition

              Give the gamer an ambition, an aspire, an goal to be in your clan and when they make it in the clan, give them a goal so that they will stay. Make them feel special and noticed. If every member is treated with respect and kindness, most of them will stay in that clan and be very loyal. For example, promise 1,600 Microsoft points to those who do the best every month. If you don't have money for that, give them a shout out and promote their name as "The Gamer of the month".

                   4. Be kind, understanding, and respectful

              I can't stress how many people are tired of being in clan's where their leaders are dicks and ignorant, self-centered, pieces of ****. A lot of people who play with the clan or new people who join often try to play with the leader or "the face of the clan" more than any other members. Make sure you try to keep them happy, content, and respected. Make them feel special and grateful to have been able to join your clan.

                   5. Work hard

              Make sure you put alot of work into the clan. Don't slack. Keep trying to improve and keep coming up with ideas to make the clan more interesting. Keep the members entertained and sooner or later, they will tell their friends about the clan.

                   6. Be persuasive

              Make sure you are persuasive. If someone asks you "Why should I join your clan?", make sure you have a long, sophisticated, and detailed explanation as to why they should. Make sure you draw them in and keep them interested. Make sure you eliminate all occurrences of doubts with your words.

                   7. Spread the word

              Keep spreading word about your clan. Tell randoms in lobbies that you meet and or tell people in your clan that if they can recruit 5 members or so, they'll get an prize (which falls under the category of ambition.)

                   8. Have a good reputation

              Don't be that clan that's known for being ignorant people and selfish and bad players. Build your rep up.


              Hopefully I helped! Some of these may not have to do with recruiting but more making sure the clan is good but if the clan is good, more people will join.

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                Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

                Been posting this on a few clan recruitment pages:

                Where are your core clanmates located?  Include timezone if in US.

                Any other info about the clan?

                Killbook's reply is good.  Just reading the post, makes me want to investigate their clan.

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                  Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

                  Thanks for the input guys! I appreciate the time you took to help a "player" out lol! Hope to see everyone online sometime!

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                    Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?


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                      Re: Is there any advice for recruiting new members?

                      Hey.. Names mcbreezy. looking to join a clan for 360.. I want a team that plays a team and works together. let me know  xbox name: mcbreezy xxv

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