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    Nerf and Buff thread


      MSBS- This really needs to get nerfed. I actually heard my friend say "Wow,I died because I stopped shooting because I am so used to this gun killing in one burst."


      Honey Badger- At least nerf the damaged at long ranges. I get killed from across the map in the same amount of bullets as right next to them.


      IED- You should have time to slide away from them if you hear them. Especially if you have agility and marathon on. I think a good amount of my deaths are from those. At least with claymores they were uni-directional and only one the floor. With IED they have a huge blast radius and can be planted on anything.


      This is the most that I can think of. Mostly because it is what everyone is using.


      Buff- Shotguns? I have not used them, but it seems like every COD needs to have them buffed. What do y'all think?


      Grenades- I believe they should have a greater blast radius, without danger close. I seem to always get hit markers with them and never kills unless it lands right at their feet.


      I think most of the other guns are pretty well balanced.


      If you have anything to add, feel free to share.

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          Nerf Amplify. I never agreed with this type of perk countering Dead Silence. If they honestly feel that it should, at least make it to where you can't hear Dead Silence users as well as you could right now just to satisfy those who feel that it doesn't have a counter.

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              The fact that there even is a counter to Dead Silence is probably the only real problem problem I have with this game. I'm mostly deaf and don't rely on ingame sound at all when I play, and I like to use Dead Silence so I can have the same advantage against my enemies as they do me. I know that sound is one of the most important aspects of the game, combined that with simple intelligence of player - no weapons or perk could ever be more over powered than the player itself. Wish they would just get rid of amplifyer, then the game would be perfect.

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                quit being a ***** its now a counter for you ******** who use dead silence, get over it.

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                    Does the fact that I have my own opinion bring out the little boy/girl in you? The sad part is a large number of people in the community are just like you. Anyway, if you disagree with me on why Amplify should be allowed to counter Dead Silence, then why not explain your point of view on the matter instead of having a hissy fit? I don't agree with the perk being able to counter Dead Silence and there's nothing you can do about it. YOU get over it.

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                    Nerf the whinging and cry baby threads

                    Buff up the little girls who play this game to help stop the moaning.


                    I've played games were the MSBS has taken 3 bursts to drop someone. Other games it's one. Connection is king. No difference compared to any other burst fire assault weapon in past Cods.

                    Same with the HoneyB. There's enough recoil to make getting a headshot across the map pretty difficult.


                    If your getting killed mostly by IED's then use sitrep, or blast shield. It's not rocket science.


                    You want the shotties buffed, but you haven't used them yet lol. Wtf?

                    Well I'm a big shotgun user in Cod, and this is the 1st time in yrs they've been balanced from the get go. Remember this is Cod, so they're always gonna be poor on range, + that won't change anytime soon. If your within that range they are a 1HK, and above all consistent which is the most.

                    The maps this yr are prob some of the best for shotgun users. Multiple run routes in every map. Learn them and you can decimate from time to time.

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                      Your points are all wrong. There is no need to buff or patch any of that. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the glitches. Balancing in this game is near perfect. No changes needed. I have done well with every gun in this game and honestly the MSBS is a skilled weapon. All the other ARs are balanced extremely well. I don't even use it that much because on most maps I find it doesn't have enough range to one burst even with the muzzle flash. You need focus on for that gun where other guns you don't. I really hope infinity ward doesn't listen to such a small minority that aren't liking this game. A vast majority are liking the game.


                      Shotguns are actually very good if you know how to navigate the map properly. I get one shot kills with them at decent range. I don't want the Black Ops 2 or MW2 skilless shotguns that have sniper rifle range lol


                      You just admitted you don't run danger close with grenades. Exactly without danger close you have to be accurate. That's the point. Instead of spamming grenades you should learn how to use them. If you are getting hitmarkers then you should try to finish off the kill or make sure you are more accurate with your throws.


                      As for IED's there is a perk to counter to see them and a perk to slow their delay. Use the tools in the game for the engagement you are in. Make a class or two for a bad situation you keep coming across. I wish cod complainers would learn the game before crying "op".

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                          The MSBS is good at long range, but up close it usually always have a one burst kill.


                          And of course I don't run danger close, they should not have added that back. I never said I spam grenades, I just use them to throw into a room with a person camping in. And you don't I try to finish off my kill once I get a hitmarker?


                          This forum site is for cod players to voice their opinions, is it not? Why do you think I added "add your opinions," If you cannot write back without being a tool, then you can go eat a bag of dicks.

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                              Danger Close should of been added back a long time ago to counter campers but since they complained before this game even came out I can't tell if explosives need a buff or if danger close needs a buff they are too weak for an arcade shooter and definitely too weak to be realistic..

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                            A simple no is in order if you can't handle that a burst weapon actually has a chance or that the IED is actually good then you shouldn't be playing this game I have over a 100 IEDs used and I have only 9 kills and 34 hits so it's not overpowered if anything it's too weak like all the other explosives. I agree with the Honey Badger but you forgot the Remington and the AK-12 and the K7.

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                              While we are on the subject of fixes why not fix the spawning systems or the damaging systems i dont know how many times i have died and spawn right in front of or beside an enemy or im getting shot at and get a hit marker the milisecond i die. Seriously fix that.

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                                MSBS- I could definitely see them nerfing it down the road but it doesn't bother me too much.


                                Honey Badger- I don't think they should nerf it. I've been beat plenty of times 1 on 1 with various guns being used against me.


                                IED- I have used this a lot for some operations and in all honesty I would say only about half the time I get a kill when they go off, plus like AlteredVista said there are counters .


                                The shotguns are pretty solid if you know how to use them, but If I had to nerf something I would say to slow down the rate of fire on the bulldog just a bit, but still if you're at long range they obviously aren't a problem to stop.


                                Grenades- Grenades are grenades. These really don't seem that important to me to worry about blast radius's and what not, when I toss a grenade into a room and i know someone is in it, wither or not my grenade kills them i'm still running in there prepared to fire my gun anyway.


                                All in all IMO everything is pretty well balanced, the spawns can be frustrating but that is a topic for a different day lol