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    I need a Clan! (PS3)

      Hello, My name is Brandon, or thexerosstv on PSN and I am looking for a clan.

      I have a decent Combat Record, yet my account is newely made. Message me If I may tryout or If I can join!


      Combat Record: Major III (Level 36) (Not Prestige).

                               Played 6h 34m 5s

                               Kills: 1,339 - Deaths: 552 - KD Ratio: 2.42 

                               Wins: 44 - Losses: 33 - WL Ratio: 1.33

                               Score: 138,560 - SPM: 351

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          Re: I need a Clan! (PS3)

          Hey man, try us out


          Clan name is xCnB [ChaosAndBloodshed]



          We play together 24/7 in parties, but don't play GROUNDWAR. (we sometimes seperate into 2 parties or play offline)




          We're a clan that ranges from 2.50 => 5.50 KDR and 1.5 => 8.0 WL


          We only play Domination / Hardpoint and VERY FEW TIMES ground war.



          If you're interested in joining, come to our website    CNB-clan.weebly.com

          Say you're from the forums!


          Add me on PS3:    YourLastSaying-



          My stats:


          Time: 1 day 5 hours

          Kill death: 2.70

          Win Loss: 4.70

          Score Per Minute: 490

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            Re: I need a Clan! (PS3)

            Discharged Gaming is currently recruiting new members. We are a group of mature gamers with a strong leadership team of veteran COD players. Members are required to have a mic and must be at least 13yrs of age when applying. We are a US clan and have very active players. We have around 28 members on our Ghost side right now and are growing every day. We are already a level 11 ghost clan with Gold clan tags. We also have a black Ops 2 division with several active members.

            Please visit us at www.DischargedGaming.com

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              Re: I need a Clan! (PS3)

              He's mine <3

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