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    (PS3 // English) [myR] myRevenge e.V.

      Organisation name: myRevenge e.V.

      Clan name in-game: myRevenge eV

      Clan Tag: [myR]

      Clan sponsors: http://www.myRevenge.net & http://www.FUCAPO.com



      About us:

      Hello all you ghosts out there.

      myRevenge e.V. is starting up a Call of Duty: Ghosts clan on PlayStation 3 (PlayStation 4 in the future) and is already a big eSports organisation playing competitive in many games on different platforms.

      We are therefore looking for members to start up the clan with levels and teamwork to find the future competitive team to play with the pros!



      There really are no requirements to join this Official Clan for myRevenge e.V.! Everyone can join and everyone have a chance to join the final pro-team, which will get established.

      To join the pro-team though you will need maturity, a microphone and good knowledge of the English language.



      So what are you waiting for?!

      Get on the app and send your application to "myRevenge eV" today!


      Feel free to ask any questions here if you have something on your heart.

      We are also open to merge existing clans into this one, so if this is the option for you; post here and we will set it up!