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      Right, this crap has got to stop.


      I had such high expectations for this game, because apparently "everything was going to change." Biggest load of crap I have ever heard. Ever since I have bought this game, I have seen NOTHING but disappointment.


      First of all, the quality of the game has fallen faster than a ball of s**t from an Airbus. Modern Warfare 3 was good, but Assassin Pro ruined it. Black Ops 2 was bad because of the spawns and the quickscoping. But this... this takes the cake! When we were told quickscoping was gone, I rejoiced along with my clanmates. What have I died to a lot in the last few days?


      Second of all, this patch was meant to make things a lot smoother for multiplayer. Reports had come from PC saying that there was less lag. I download the patch and now I'm constantly running into walls, getting outgunned to others lagging around me and it feels like I'm always bumping into invisible players. It's horrendous! And no, it's not my internet because I have 19 ping, 31.8MBps download and 19.9MBps upload. Every single person has said that they are now lagging.


      Thirdly, the hit detection is brilliant but FOR GODS SAKE, patch the MSBS! I picked it up off the ground today and instantly dropped Assault Juggernauts! I was so disgusted with the gun that I couldn't use it. I felt so dirty trying to give myself a major advantage, this is why I NEVER use Off The Grid. In my eyes, stealth perks are for non-skilled players and tryhards.


      Fourth, my clanmates were looking forward to dropping KEM strikes on a regular basis. We're lucky to have 30 right now, considering we dropped over 8000 in MW3. I dropped 338 myself. Most of them are starting to give up because Activision/IW doesn't listen to what the players want UNLESS it's about something major like S&D. They haven't listened one bit about the health, some of the guns and the fact that a two year old designed the spawn system.


      I have enjoyed CoD in the last few years but with Ghosts, I don't. I hardly ever want to play it anymore and when I do start playing, I instantly regret it. I've seen so many people on here say that Ghosts is a disappointment and that they will return their copies back. Actvision and IW have stopped caring when something goes wrong, all they care about is how much money they'll make. The hackers on PS3, nothing has been done about. I worked so hard to get to the top 100 in MW3 for overall score, now it's impossible to get there because all the hacking scum are there the day before the game was released! IT'S ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!


      Say what you like, but I've had enough of this bulls**t. Activision, step your game up. Start listening to your customers because in three years, you've gone from having 85,000 players on Black Ops 1 on PC to 15,000 playing Ghosts. OBVIOUSLY something is wrong if we all stop playing this game. Listen to us tell you what is wrong AND FIX IT.