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      • 80. Re: What's with all the camping?

        only in theory...  The game makes it so you have to get a kill, not that you have to move.


        If one is hanging out in a high traffic area and getting kills in the required time, why would they leave that position before they need to.  Agreed you will not be able to sit and stare at a doorway, but camping has taken on a whole new meaning of : "That dude was not moving at the time he killed me so he was camping"


        People who have that definition of camping, are going to be disappointed.

        • 81. Re: What's with all the camping?

          I wasn't complaining..although I think running around shooting isn't really strategic, but if that's how one wants to plays the game it doesn't bother me one bit. If I camp and get 11 kills and 3 deaths and you run around like a chicken with it's head cut off and get 23 kills and 17 deaths I say I like my strategy better cause I don't just play for points or leader boards...I hate dying and play for fun. It's a game!!!


          Again I was never complaining about counters and attacking rushers...I normally pop you guy's coming and going

          • 82. Re: What's with all the camping?

            So any movement of any kind isn't a strategy? WOW they should remove sprinting with that logic. Actually rushing is a tactic when used by a team because it forces the enemy out of their spot rushing with out an objective is what you are talking about. Meaning you are rushing the same spot the same way every time that kind of rushing I do not support so don't get me confused with garbage like that. I am tactical player so it would be emp then me going up behind you lol. Also could you stop saying chicken with it's head cut off cause you are basically saying they don't know where you are they shooting everywhere and running into walls and falling over. And believe me if the counters were at full strength you would have a small problem depending on how you play if you are a camper who camps with an objective and you can adapt then you shouldn't have a problem now if you are like a majority campers who camp with out an objective then you may have a huge problem. This isn't an attack on campers I only attack complainers so don't get confused.

            • 83. Re: What's with all the camping?

              Come on Adam...I didn't say any movement isn't a strategy. I agree with your comment above. I do camp and consider myself a camper, but I do camp with a strategy in mind. I have no problem in your tactical game play or anyone game play, but I have no time for cheaters and hackers that ruin the game play for everyone. Hopefully one day you and I will meet online and put our strategy to the test. Keep in mind I'm a casual player and far from hardcore, but I can hold my own :-)

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                Okay when that day comes be ready

                • 85. Re: What's with all the camping?

                  Play CRANKED.  Problem solved.



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                    I would say this is true, but on a smaller map a camper can still do extremely well shooting the people who are running around looking them

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