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      Let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to read about THE SYNDICATE GAMING NETWORK (TSGN). I am happy to say that TSGN will be a gaming community that will be offering game reviews, videos, clan interviews/reviews and we will also have our own clan and competitive teams as well.


      We are looking to be a medium size clan that will be a close knit group to achieve greatness in the games we play. TSGN will have leaders in place that will be helping to get the members needed to get to this goal.


      TSGN is going to be taking part in Ghost, to start, and we are looking for members and staff to help us get going.  We currently have around 10 members and continue to grow everyday. We do have a website, twitter, youtube and we are currently in talks with a few sponsors.


      So in short if you are looking for a clan that can provide you with the tools to be a great player than look no further. Please feel free to go tohttp://thesgn.com and make a recruitment thread! You can also follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/_TSGN_


      Thank you for your time and see you on the battlefield!


      - xOSHx and Canada109


      PS.  We are looking for Playstation and XBOX members. We are just starting our on BO2 and will be moving to Ghosts!