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        60. Re: Maps Force Camping

        I get constantly overpowered by my best friend.


        Doesn't sound too surprising, until you find out that it's a she.


        Yeah...If I find myself in the middle of a warzone, I think I would just take the coward's way out, no way I'm getting out of there alive

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          61. Re: Maps Force Camping

          I don't think many would consider moving around in shadows to be camping. Pretty much the consensus is if you're sitting or laying in a corner for more than a few minutes is equivalent to camping. If those shadows are a 25 square foot area like you never leave a room - yes that'd be camping. A lot of the times people get called campers even though they didn't see the "camper" just getting there to kill him. Just have to laugh those off.


          I don't think your last paragraph is accurate. Most everyone I know and play with disagree with that. I could say the same sort of thing...anyone who is defending camping that means they are a camper too. But that's probably not accurate as well.

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            62. Re: Maps Force Camping

            The "warzone reality" thing always makes me laugh and seems to be an easy attempt at a cop out. SO many things about this game aren't reality. I'm going to go jump out a 30 foot window to test that theory. BRB

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              63. Re: Maps Force Camping

              I am not defending nor condemning camping, or for that matter any other type of gameplay. I play the game to have fun. My point is that any one persons opinion on the matter is subjective, at least to others.


              But I would like to be able to leave my chat on without having to listen to the incessant griping about campers, wiimoters, gun choice, etc.. Just play the game however you want (short of boosting or hacking).

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                64. Re: Maps Force Camping

                Same here. When people try to compare CoD to a warzone or real life I find it pretty funny.


                I remember onetime on Miiverse this I showed a pic of someone with like a 4 KD and a 190 SPM (and his most played gamemode was Dom) and put "look at this camper". Some guy replied "The military is known for camping".


                Well I sure do go off on little tangents.....

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                  65. Re: Maps Force Camping

                  Yeah, but it isn't just one person's opinion...the overwhelming consensus is that this game supports and promotes camping...it's common sense, really. I knew it would happen once I saw the maps - they are a campers wet dream. The only people who complain about people complaining (LOL) about campers...are campers. Yes, this game takes a lot slower and strategic approach...but that slow? My one point that I've always made is what if everyone camped? What kind of game would that be? I played one lobby a few days ago that had NOTHING but scared campers on the other team. So we all decided to camp just to prove a point. The high score was 19.

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                    66. Re: Maps Force Camping

                    It is one person's opinion. So what, so is yours. And I am not so much complaining about complaining, as much as I am complaining that they are only complaining. Is that enough complaining? Good. Now can we just all try to get along?

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                      67. Re: Maps Force Camping

                      This is the internet, we're not supposed to get along. Now express your opinion so I can disagree!

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                        68. Re: Maps Force Camping

                        M4GNUM wrote:


                        The "warzone reality" thing always makes me laugh and seems to be an easy attempt at a cop out. SO many things about this game aren't reality.

                        Bingo, what did I say Stainsy, you owe me a tenner boi. lol


                        @Magnum, when I see you in my lobby, I'm going to camp my ass off, why? because I know it ticks you right off, and I'm going to camp with a pistol too, just to really tick you off, because a ticked off player will often give the game away going for that revenge kill. But remember, I'm not the camper that

                        will wait for you to come back with stuns, flashes and grenades, man I'm going to tick you off lol

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                          69. Re: Maps Force Camping

                          Anyone that does not play the way I do is a moron, and should be banned from the game.

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