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    Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

      Dear Infinity Ward, I have a suggestion- Could we be able to purchase Squad Points from the in-game store with real money? Is there any future plans for this in ghosts?

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          Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

          Mr. BOP,

          I'm with you. Infinity Ward, WHY NOT let me purchase Squad Points with real money?

          I bought the game to play with it, I should be able to use all the features when I play with it!

          Take my money, please!!


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            Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

            Please no, this a terrible idea.


            Use what you earn, not what you brought.

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              Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

              Yeah lets trash the whole progression system. IW please let me buy Prestiges with real money. Could I also unlock challenges with money too?

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                  Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

                  Are you trying to complete a challenge? Are you just not good enough to do it?


                  Introducing the new Challenge Complete MDLC!


                  For just a small fee of £2.50 you can complete a challenge and unlock all the rewards!


                  So what are you waiting for? Challenge Complete NAOW!

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                  Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)


                  You miss the point. I Earned the money that bought the game. I bought the whole game, why are features that I paid for locked?


                  I want to buy in-game tokens with real money. I can't buy a Prestige with Squad tokens. Same for challenges. If I can't play well, more Squad Members with more weapons won't change that. It's a value issue. Not a game play issue. I just get to enjoy my entire original purchase.


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                    Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

                    Kudos on the PM! Really.

                    Why should I never get the chance to unlock a feature (that I paid for) because I can't devote the same amount of time to the game that you can?

                    I don't care about Challenges. I can't buy a Challenge completion with Squad Points. I just want to play.

                    How does that hurt you?


                    Take note Activision: Just as advertised, the whole online multiplayer experience is not the be all - end all. Some of us actually like Ghosts/Squads and would like to gain points faster than 1 or 2 at a time. There is money in this idea.

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                      Re: Dear Infinity Ward... (Suggestion)

                      I like that idea buddy, though, I'm not sure about the reaction of the community about this one. I play MMORPGs and some of them are Pay-to-Play or Free-to-Play though, some ended real good and some have its drawbacks where other players shout out their minds "This game is a pay to win system!!". Going back with the topic, since Ghosts is our usual First Person Shooter game, if this happens, there are players that have the dollars to get on top and others that have no means to power-purchase well, ends up bad in the long run. Anyways, it's my opinion though and you may freely address it as a feedback with the developers.

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