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    Anyone know of when Ghost will officially launch on Elite?

      When I sign into Elite it still shows the BO2 Elite page. I want to set up our clan tag and motto on our in game clan page, but I don't know how to do that.  I am looking forward to Elite for this game.  MW3 was set up great with Elite with challenges/ops for the clan.  It offered such a wide range of challenges/ops for the clan.  Unlike BO2 they really did nothing nor made an attempted to make Elite worth while for clans.  MW3 had challenges/ops that put your clan members out of their comfort zone and to me I feel this made them better players and had them try perks/equipment they normally wouldn't use.  So far I like what they have done in game for clans, you can boot clan members if needed in game, you can send invites in game.  They just need a place in game to post messages to your clan like they did in MW3 when you could see the list of clan members at the bottom you could write in a message that all members could see.