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    SITREP On Dedicated Servers? @ATU

      just though id throw this out there...

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          Re: SITREP On Dedicated Servers? @ATU

          Whats the point? Anyway, Dedicated Servers need to be up and running, I still feel alotta lag.

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              Re: SITREP On Dedicated Servers? @ATU

              the point, brohammy, is that Dedicated Servers would be epically awesome and would sway people who have not got the game to get the game.


              Dedicated Servers on the Wii/U for a CoD game would be a first and hopefully a first of many because as much as i liked BO2, i couldnt stand being owned by a guy with a 0.65 kd ratio who had a 1.5 second lag advantage on me and keep having to leave matches because of the connection being so disgusting.


              like i said before, if you can find a good connected lobby, believe me im staying there till the power goes out. 

              good connected lobbies are hard to find and when you do find it, it makes up for all the crap youve had to go through to get there...in some sick twisted way.

              its almost not enough to make you quit the game, but just enough to keep going.

              i think Dedicated Servers would solve a lot of problems and i am personally eager to see them up and running, im wondering what that would do to the game as far as connection quality and player count.


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              Re: SITREP On Dedicated Servers? @ATU

              my buddy Chris from work and i had a long in depth conversation about the 1, the 4, CoD, BO2 and Ghosts.


              the thing that struck me the most and also the thing that should have been most obvious is that Dedicated Servers will not be up and running anytime before the 1 and the 4 get released.  especially the 1.


              whatever contract that activision signed with microsoft will give the 1 the dedis first, followed by the 360, then the 4 and the 3...folllowed up by pc and the U last.


              thats my prediction...theres about 2 weeks till the 1 comes out so we got about 3 to 4 weeks before the U gets the dedis...and that being generous.



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