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    42OElite Family Recruiting, PS3 PS4, 420 Tags IVXX Tags Chill Mature Players MW3 & BO2 LVL 50

      On the new Ghosts app search


      3 websites

      facebook, youtube, twitch , and clan shop

      We are interested in the Good Guys and Woman. No try hard gamers with bad attitudes. We are a friendly bunch that play to have a good time. We do like to win and get better together. But KD does not matter to us. We want the family orientated players.

      We have a great core and a good group of leaders. If you feel like you belong with us please search and apply with us or hit me up at the website.

      42oElite Alpha

      42oElite Delta


      Please note when you search 42oElite thats a letter O in 42O..