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    Black Ops II: critical error

      Hello. I'm from Russia. I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops II at 2nd January in Russian shop and couldn't change the language of game. At the end of September I bought DLC "Vengeance" in Steam and paid by Webmoney. After this I couldn't launch game with text "Error during initialization:

      Could not load default asset 'fonts/720/consolefont' for asset type 'font'.

      Tried to load asset 'fonts/720/consoleFont'." (http://i.imgur.com/1K1MQwQ.png).

      I was searching for  reason of that error and found it. The reason of error is English language of game after buying DLC that added the function to change the language of game in Steam and English version had error with some font. I changed language to Russian and game fixed and launched. But few weeks later I wanted to change language of game to English to play with better text and voice because Russian text and voice leaves much to be desired... But I again seen that error and game couldn't launch. Please, can you help me? Or I will be able to play BOII with Russian language only?

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