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        70. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

        I agree, the dog is annoying but it's a killstreak. I've gotten killed by the dog, but it's my fault 95% of the time. I kill the owner and forget about the dog. There are times I just walk into a room and the owner is camping there, not much I can do about that. If OP wants the complain about something, he should look in the mirror. You corner camping, leaning players make this game at unplayable at times. I was playing dom on the map that's raining and those bastards were hiding in the grass the whole game. I don't if it's the map size or quick deaths but these guys just wait for ppl to walk by.

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          71. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

          I have been running armor piercing rounds in my Honey Badger and it "seems" to be helping with the dogs,....maybe because of their vest?


          I have not had much success with dogs but like a lot of you been killed by them often.  I think my run and gun play style puts my dog in harms way to often,...seems they  are a campers best friend.

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            72. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

            What good would a GUARD dog be if it didn't guard you? they need a little bit of survivability in order to fufill its purpose.

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              73. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

              The dogs seem to drop relatively quick for me. If you turn a corner and see one, you're obviously dead, but if it comes at you from a hallway, then that's on you.

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                74. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                Yea I snip a dog but keeps runnin for me, and I dont use handguns as they are weak as hell. so unless you use a full auto its not so easy

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                  75. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                  The dogs just seem to take wayyyy too much damage (at least in hardcore). I can drop an enemy in 2-3 shots, 1 with a sniper, but the dogs take many more to drop. They're WAY too mobile, and I've seen one glitch through a wall.


                  The other day I was on Warhawk I believe (The map with the antique store and bakery), and sniped the owner out of the antiques window with my Lynx, and as soon as I did the dog jumps out of the two story window.....really?!? Luckily I shot it mid-air and killed him (must have been low on health). Still, I think they're really buggy, but so is the game at times. I can't tell you how many times I've sniped someone who was laying down facing me, striking them right in the face with my Lynx and chrome, and got a hitmarker.


                  Still, a dog taking a Lynx shot to the face rolls over, and comes back for more? That's just not right.

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                    76. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                    Were you at rage or close distance? In many occasions of playing the Squads mode Safeguard, I have been a fair distance away with a Marksman/SR and I was able to take dogs down. If you are at close range you are going to have a bad time,

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                      77. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                      At the time I described, I was across the map at the top of the bakery. That was the only time I've ever one-shot a dog. I assume he had taken fire before he jumped out of the window.


                      Even at closer range, I've had to shoot a dog 2 or 3 times with the rifle. Luckily it rolls because with that chrome barrel attachment, and no reduced recoil, your shots have to be good and fast, or else you've got a dog gnawing on your neck.

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                        78. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                        Now Chuck Norris will be mad, if you nerf his dog!

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                          79. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

                          Lol!  I played against a Chuck Norris earlier today...and I think his dog killed me......but not before I blasted him!

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