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    A Clan Management Website is Needed!!!

      I get it, people stare at their phones 24/7 why bother to make a website to manage the new game. BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE HAS A CELLPHONE OR IPAD OR IPOD OR I-WTF-EVER !

      And why not release the app to the amazon app store for the other half of the tablet world?




      I love the game, i love the concepts of the new modes, I even love the fact that there is a phone app.  But I cannot manage my clan without a cellphone gimme flipping break.  How can you create this fantastic multi-platform clan architecture but not create at least the simplest website to manage it even though you boast your billion dollar channel sales.  we want a 100k website so we can actually use the functionality!


      You better make it happen or your die-hard clans are going to GTFO and go to BF4. And I'm talking quickly.