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    Map Design.

      Seen on Youtube that StrikeZone is basically dome.. are IW getting lazy and copying map design and always wanting to bring back old ones? Agree if its a fan favourite but map layout, come on?


      Also i hate the map designs on most maps. I get shot from literally anywhere. Im a decent player and have my bad and good games but theres waaaaaaay to many places to get shot from the side, behind or from a window. Yes i should watch the map for where my team is spawning etc but 'Off The Grid' is basically used by most players. Just wondered if anyone else disliked the map design etc.

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          First: Dont believe everything you see on youtube


          Second: How again is this map anywhere near what dome is?

          Strikezone Layout


          I see ZERO similarities.


          You hate that the maps are not easy, thats understandable. Maps are difficult, thats a good thing if you can change with it.

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              Lol how are the maps "difficult"? They are typical Cod maps just on a bigger scale to suit Ps4. There is nothing difficult about them at all. If anything they are easy maps, Look at all the perfect head glitch cover, Each map has an abundance of windows to aim out of and there is choke points on every map. They mostly have 3 paths just like every other Cod map, Same old just bigger and more detailed.

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                  Then they are easy for you, that's fine as well. I do not find them easy, and they do not have three paths like previous titles. Are you sure your playing Ghost?

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                    "Look at all the perfect head glitch cover"


                    The problem I have with using this term so freely (like the word camper) is that ANYTHING can be a "head glitch" spot. A window frame could be one. Do you really think that the maps would be better if it was just a flat open field with nothing in them???


                    Dude, these maps have lots of Urban combat and guess what Urban environments have a sh** load of......stuff which equates to cover or in your case a head glitch spot. I just want people to think a little bit before they toss these stupid cliches out there to back up there personal opinions.


                    IMO, I like the maps.

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                    watch the video lol...its the same thing..just reskinned =)

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                         Gonna watch that vid in a lil bit.  Not a fan of strike zone (yet), but It's not just IW.  Treyarch gave us four reskinned maps as paid for DLC in BO2.  That's 25% of their DLC.

                         I find the maps a breath of fresh air after BO2.  Every map in BO2 felt the same to me.  End A, End B, and 3 paths connecting them.  There are a few maps I just can't seem to get the flow of (stormfront, flooded, siege), but I'm liking them so far since they don't cater to the constant runner.

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                      Every map is better than any of BO2 maps however none are as good as any of MW2 maps.

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                        He was watching a video made by OpTicNade aka nadeshot from OpTic. The map may look like it is and could possibly be the same design but I think it's a mix new and old.

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                          Some of the maps are ridiculous to play on. Either too big and wide open spaces where you can easily be killed,but I think this will make the player more aware of their surroundings and in hand, make players communicate. It's always great to play with friends with mics or blue tooth. At least, this is what take from it. I do enjoy the multiplayer very much though.

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                            Even if it is a copy and paste of Dome it doesn't play like Dome nor can I really tell. I've actually spent a lot of time looking at the maps to find similarities and there are some but it's not super obvious nor do the maps play the same as they did in previous titles so I don't really care.